Open Source ASIC Conference


email me with responses to if you prefer not to use google forms for privacy reasons: i can enter the responses on your behalf. note that time and day are radio-buttons not checkboxes.

Survey form

We are thinking about putting together a conference. To help us plan it, please answer the following questions

About you email address:

If you want to know when we launch the conference, leave us your email. You will only receive a few conference related emails.

What field do you work in?

Computer programming Verification RTL/HDL ASIC Electronics Other:

Times and Dates What would you prefer 4 hour conference from 6pm till 10pm CEST 2 hours 7pm -> 9pm CEST one day then the same again the next day

1st day starts on: monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Conference infrastructure How should we host it? gather town Zoom Discord Other:

Content What should take place? What types of content would you like to see? Panel discussion 30 minute presentations 10 minute lightning talks demos

What areas should we cover Next Google sponsored shuttle OpenLANE ASIC flow - digital tools Analog tooling Verification Security Process Design Kit (PDK) Results from the previous Google sponsored shuttle Other:

Price We are thinking of using gathertown to host the conference, which has a cost of between $6 and 12 per user depending on if we split the conference over 2 days. Also, we'd like to have some money left over to give to the speakers. Help us decide what to do by telling us:

How much would the conference be worth to you? 10 or less 10 to 20 20 to 30 30 to 40 40 to 50

Would you/your company be interested in sponsorship? If so, please leave a contact No Other:

What other conferences do you like to attend? emBO++ KiCon FOSDEM SuperCon ORConf asicon Designcon latch-up Other:

We're thinking of naming the conference 'OpenTapeout' do you have a better suggestion?