Saturday, 2020-09-19

lkclwell you _should_ just be able to grab the design files and go over them yourself00:01
lkclbunnie's email address is pretty accessible00:01
packetupYep, I've already emailed him.00:02
packetupJust didn't know if he was in the channel or not.00:02
lkclalthough come to think of it i don't know if bunnie follows "libre" development practices or "open" ones00:02
lkcloof.  midnight.  enough for one day :)00:03
packetupGood night!00:06
vpandya_I pushed a commit to vulkan driver repo12:33
lkclah star13:37
lkclah cool, just activating LLVM, checking it's working.13:39
jholI just saw those comments on phoronix - some real jerks jumped in really early14:30
jhollkcl: thank you for taking the time to respond14:30
lkcljhol: i know. people in the RISC-V "community" are... quite spiteful.  and if you've ever met Patterson it's easy to understand why14:38
lkcli learned a trick from Orson Scott Card, one of the characters when presented with a press conference and repeated aggressive questioning simply repeated the same reasonable answer14:39
lkcl    PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND14:40
lkcl 365243 lkcl      20   0 11.698g 0.011t  14216 R 100.0 17.5  22:41.48 yosys14:40
lkclwhuh holy s***14:41
lkclthis is adding litex pins and infrastructure on top of the core14:42
sorearorson scott card? you couldn’t think of anyone better?14:50
lkclsorear: it was a long time ago.  20 years ago?14:56
lkclargh yosys-abc is segfaulting14:58

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