Thursday, 2020-10-08

lkclyou make something up.12:13
lkclmake it... an XOR gate.12:13
lkclmake op1 1 bit only, make op2 1 bit only, and make "computation block" equal to "one single XOR gate".12:14
lkclthis makes the design "not really look like the diagram", doesn't it?12:14
lkclwhich make simcirjs not exactly the best "final" choice but still a good start for experimenting12:15
lkclreally (like in that 16-bit CPU) "computation block" qualifies as a "sub-circuit with its own black-box-style inputs and outputs" doesn't it?12:21
lkcland i don't believe simcirjs can do "sub-circuits", or can it?12:22
mePy2[m]Nice anyway! Can’t wait to have some time to make it :D14:00

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