Tuesday, 2020-10-20

rajvangathanHi, what's the status of this project?20:21
colepoirierActive development20:43
colepoirierWe're coming up to a code freeze on 30 OCT 202020:44
colepoirierIn order to give the people who are doing the layout enough of a buffer so we can make sure the GDSII files are ready before the 2 DEC 2020 deadline to have those files to the manufacturer/shuttle service20:45
colepoirierAlso hello @rajvangathan and welcome!20:54
mePy2[m] * lkcl: how can I enter bugzilla? I am not sure I already have an account there.23:05
lkclmePy2[m], i made you an account, you can request a password change23:45
lkclsorry, i had to lock the bugzilla, we got a spammer23:45

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