Sunday, 2020-11-22

colepoirierlkcl: done, updated the ECP5_FPGA wiki page with separate checklists for the jumper wire connections for each FPGA20:22
colepoirierI also updated the ordering of the rows in the table for your FPGA, you had them organized by the X1 pin number, which is inconsistent with the colour based ordering that applies universally to all FPGAs20:23
lxolkcl, thanks for moving the comment I misfiled in 529 to 23820:27
lxoI'm glad you beat me to it; I'd have copied it20:27
lxolkcl, I noticed the email reply didn't get through, and put it in manually23:20
lxodid I mention that I don't really like to type into a browser?  I *had* to try an email reply to bugzilla ;-)23:21

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