Wednesday, 2020-12-02

lx0does the meeting start in one hour (9pm GMT) or in a few minutes (9pm UK time)?19:52
lx0the earlier invitation I got said GMT, today's email say UK time19:53
lx0ugh, I'm getting 400 Bad Request from meet.jit.si20:03
lx0had to clear all cookies to get through.  weird20:17
lx0got in and there was nobody there20:17
lx0I assume it was 9pm GMT then20:17
lx0woah, now the error is 404 Not Found21:03
lx0which is very very weird, if you ask me21:03
lx0is anyone else having trouble joining?  is there a backup jitsi meet server we fallback to?21:04

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