Wednesday, 2020-12-30

programmerjake[mhi, testing irc. btw thanks for pointing me to the matrix/irc bridge!01:53
cesar[m]programmerjake: Welcome! Glad you made it.09:09
* lkcl waves to programmerjake[m14:16
lkcl30 mins until the svp64 review using jitsi17:33
lkclprogrammerjake[m, cesar[m] lxo ^17:33
lkclif anyone else would like to take part, do email me, i will send the jitsi URL (which isn't locked so we don't publicise it)17:34
lkclthe meeting is at 18:00 UTC (30 mins from now)17:34
lkclbackground material (pre-reading):
lkclactual review:
programmerjake[mthx for reminding me, I forgot and thought it was at 3pm pst17:35
lxolkcl, ack17:46
* lkcl thumbs-up17:47
lkclhave been doing iterative re-wording / morphing for the past couple hours17:47

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