Monday, 2021-01-25

*** sorear_ is now known as sorear00:18
mepyHello everyone!10:22
mepyJust wanted to say, I can access the git too *.*10:23
* mepy is happy, again10:23
programmerjake[mhi, though I gtg now, bed time. have fun with git!10:23
mepyDo you have anything simple for me to do? Like the thing about images... Is there a list of all the images that need to be converted?10:25
mepynp, thank you programmerjake[m10:26
mepyHi lkcl10:26
* lkcl waves to mepy11:12
mepylkcl have you read my message before? :)11:18
mepyhere on IRC11:30
mepyCan you give me another image to convert to svg? or png :P11:31
mepySomething simple if there is one lkcl11:31
lkclyes of course!11:43
lkclahh sure... how about this one11:44
lkclwhich goes here11:44
lkclcesar[m], i forgot that one critical prerequisite is that PowerDecoder needs to understand SVP64. both TestIssuer and ISACaller need that.  doh11:51
mepyCool lkcl. Thank you12:02
*** mepy <mepy!~mepy@> has left #libre-soc20:37

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