Monday, 2021-02-01

cesar[m]1lkcl: Since yesterday, I'm not seeing any new emails from libre-soc, even if they do show on the archives. Are you seeing maybe any bounces from Gmail?16:12
programmerjake[mI'd guess it might be related to not being accessible via ipv6?16:17
cesar[m]1I did receive emails up to yesterday.16:20
cesar[m]1Last time it happened, it seems it was some upgrade that broke TLS.16:20
programmerjake[mno emails for me either...16:24
lxoprogrammerjake[m, this weekend I got the compiler, augmented with all SVP64 modes and registers, bootstrapping successfully without any regressions.  -msvp64 is still not quite functional, though it can build most of libgcc; -mno-svp64, the default, is what I've focused on.  several fixes to unbreak stuff after register renumbering and adding some initial svp64 patterns18:36
lxothe availability of all the (**2) vector modes is likely to make the wrapper classes doable.  new registers, though technically there, are not allocatable/usable yet18:38
lkclthere's been a massive spam attack where many server IP addresses have ended up on blacklists.19:04
lkcllxo: cool!19:04
lkclhmmm a TON of IP addresses are now listed in bl.spamcop.net20:06
lkclcesar[m]1, doh apparently forgot to renew their domain!20:10
lkcllxo: that's absolutely fantastic.  can you push it to;a=summary ?20:19
programmerjake[mlxo: neat! I'll have to try to build gcc again, it didn't work last time (few days ago)20:38
programmerjake[mone thing you will want to cherry pick into your branch is
programmerjake[mit's needed to use register variables in templates20:38
lkclwe need to define some milestones for this one so that alexandre can get some $ :)20:45
lxoprogrammerjake[m, I'll probably update from the trunk regularly23:53

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