Wednesday, 2021-02-10

lkclmepy: good09:54
* mepy waves at lkcl09:56
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lkcljxj-openwifi[m], yes - we know Atif Zazar.  i've been in contact with him on and off15:11
lkclvery interesting, very intelligent guy15:11
awyglelkcl: i agree to the charter18:28
lkclawygle: i've added you to a stack of repos, including;a=summary19:56
lkclfeel free to do what you like, do however push/maintain suitable tag/branch(es) there19:58
lkclthere's more budget available for e.g. Formal Correctness Proofs, that budget of EUR 1250 is just for the implementation-side20:02
lkcland there's *another* budget for documentation.  it's a bit piecemeal, we had to shoe-horn things in across different NLnet 50,000 budgets20:02
awyglecan you link the bugs which track those other budget elements?20:05
awyglespecifically documentation20:05
lkcli'll have to make them20:16
lkclthe formal proofs one(s) can be large(r) we've plenty available there20:16
lkclmy feeling is for m.If/Else/Switch it reaaally needs formal correctness proofs20:17
lkclbizarrely - as long as my intuition's on track - the actual modifications should be tiny.20:17
awygleso for #458, let's talk about what constitutes delivery briefly20:20
awyglemy plan is to take the descriptions of PartitionedSignal and your proposed modifications20:20
awygleconfirm that i agree that your proposed modifications are the best way to achieve the goal20:20
awyglewrite up an nmigen RFC around that20:20
lkcloh nice.20:21
awyglediscuss with whitequark whether she's comfortable making those changes to the core language at any point20:21
awygleand make those changes myself on a branch/fork20:21
lkclright, i just found this
awygle(and test them etc etc)20:21
awyglewhitequark accepting the changes can't be part of delivery because i don't control that20:21
awygledoes that sound reasonable?20:21
lkclthat's a great plan20:21
lkclso *thinks* what am i calling this one... create RFC for nmigen dynamic partitioned signals support20:22
lkclif the discussion occurs on nmigen bugtracker that's absolutely fine as long as it's linked to
lkclwe've EUR 5,000 available from the parent doc budget, lots else todo from that one, can't go mad, but let me know (after-the-fact) a reasonable amount you'd be happy with for doing the RFC, and i can fill in the budget for it20:31
lkcl(we can adjust it later, that's ok)20:31
awygleok, sounds good20:34
lkclmeeting 18 mins20:42
lkclcesar[m]1, ^20:42
lkclprogrammerjake[m, ^20:42
lkcllxo, ^20:42
lkcl(awygle this is with the OPF ISA WG.  we also have an informal one every tuesday, talk-about-anything, if you're interested)20:43
lxooh my.  here was I, afk, so sure that the meeting started at half past the hour that I didn't even check.  turned out it was the other meeting I had on Wednesdays that was at half past the hour.  sorry21:31

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