Tuesday, 2021-02-16

lkclcesar[m]1, the patch looks good, one correction 23-i rather than 32-i on the for i,x in enumerate(rm_fields)16:20
cesar[m]1Thanks, will push.16:23
programmerjake[mreally should use named constants ... that way typos are easier to catch16:30
lkclahh i did this in soc.consts...16:31
lkclcesar[m]1, jacob has a good point.  see soc/consts.py16:31
lkcland the aptly-named "botchify" function :)16:31
lkclyou can have two classes, NNNN and NNNNb, and botchify() will automatically enumerate all properties and subtract from 63 :)16:32
lkcli am just adding an extra argument16:32
programmerjake[mthat works too, but I meant changing `32 - i` to `WHATEVER_WIDTH - i`16:33
lkclyes - the botchify function will populate a class with the WHATEVER_WIDTH-i automatically if you give it a class containing LE (or BE)16:34
lkclif you pass it a class with LE it creates the BE, and vice-versa16:34
lkclgoodbye 32-i and WHATEVER-i16:34
cesar[m]1Interesting. I will put the SVP64 field definitions in consts.py and redo the patch. Also, I will replace all the shifts by calls to field().17:31
cesar[m]1... and SelectableInt for SVP64Asm, I guess.17:45
lkclcesar[m]1, simply commit as-is first then do the consts.py second21:01
lkclbecause it's a different purpose.21:01
lkclone commit, one purpose21:01
lkclif you are ever tempted to put the word "and" into a commit message, or to subdivide it into different bullet-points for example, that's a sign of "separate commits"21:02
cesar[m]1Got it.21:08
lkclmeeting 15-ish mins21:43
lkcllxo programmerjake[m cesar[m]1  ^21:43
programmerjake[mPhoronix mentioned Libre-SOC in the list of articles in https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Vulkan-Turns-Five-Years-Old21:54

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