Sunday, 2021-02-21

lkclcesar[m]1, sel function looks good.13:12
cesar[m]1Thanks. I think there is a way to make the "name" parameter optional, using the name of the receiving variable, like in major = sel(...) <- name is "major".13:23
cesar[m]1It has to do with the "src_loc_at" argument of Signal(). I'm testing it right now.13:24
lkclyes.  you have to add 1 to it because it tells how far down the stack depth to look13:25
lkclcesar[m]1, i am wondering if a *third* FSM in TestIssuer would be a good idea.15:30
lkclplease excuse me, i am just going to do a code-morph on issuer.py15:31
lkclcesar[m]1, ok that's better.  the two FSMs are in functions, now15:50
lkclmy thoughts here are that a 3rd FSM would sit between fetch and execute, doing the VL loop, reading and updating svstate.15:51
lkclthat would make it nice and clear15:52
lkclcesar[m]1, i commented where the 3rd FSM woudl go.  i am getting confused over naming and what would connect to what, you get the idea though19:27
cesar[m]1lkcl: Sure, I'm on it.20:41

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