Monday, 2021-03-15

lkcl_it's also a good one because this is heavily-tested code (the decoder) containing literally tens of thousands of entries00:00
lxoand it would lead to the problem he brought up if we were to go back and modify the vhdl file and rebuild the cvs file from it and reapply the manual updates00:00
lkcl_the absolute last thing you want is to replicate that information by hand00:00
lkcl_"just because of copyright assignment"00:00
lxono, the issue is what the source code is00:00
lkcl_that i would say is a good thing00:01
lxowhen there's editing on both forms, neither is clearly the source00:01
lkcl_by having a verif...00:01
* lkcl_ thinks00:01
lkcl_i was going to say: you want an auto-generator and you *definitely* do not want to be editing it00:01
lkcl_but if you did - by mistake - you want a program that can tell you00:02
lxothere's an issue of freedom (without sources you're toast, or at least at an artificial disadvantage), and there's an issue of compliance with the gpl00:02
lkcl_"this is what the output *should* be like, but someone's clearly edited it"00:02
lxobut for binutils, there is also the issue of copyright assignment00:02
lkcl_this is tricky00:02
lxobecause these are really distinct issues00:02
lkcl_then a discrepancy-checker would be essential for that00:02
lxowe have a process to make it clearly source00:02
lkcl_if this was 5 lines of code it would not be burdensome to go "screw it, re-type it"00:03
lxobut we don't have a process to detach it from others' copyrights00:03
lkcl_however this is *tens of thousands* of fields00:03
lxonow, there's another angle to look at: facts are not copyrightable00:03
lkcl_burdening someone with replicating that by hand is not safe.00:04
lkcl_ahh... interested to hear where this one goes00:04
lxoso extracting the facts00:04
lxointo a newly generated file00:04
lxocould keep us in the clear00:04
lxowe may have to talk to a lawyer about this00:05
lkcl_there's another aspect: this information originally came from the IBM Copyrighted v3.0B Technical Reference Manual00:05
lxoI'm sorry I didn't notice this potential pitfall before00:06
lkcl_yeah i didn't think of it either00:06
lxoI suppose it's not freely-licensed00:06
lkcl_can i leave it with you, some links, feel free to cc me on conversations with richard if you like00:06
lkcl_IBM's default license for source code from all researchers is CC 4.000:07
lxoibm does have a copyright assignment on file with the fsf, but I suppose it would only cover stuff they actively contribute to a covered project00:07
lkcl_here's the one where that information is "extracted"00:08
lkcl_actually... we could ask!00:08
lxoyes, indeed00:08
lxoas for how to name the branch...  I went for a per-user WIP branch mainly because I didn't want to choose the name for our development branch in the global namespace, and because of the issue I'd raised before, about non-fast-forward pushes, that is often found tolerable in WIP branches, but not in branches for public consumption00:56
lxoI learned that naming branches can be a very sensitive and controversial matter.  just the other day, I read a social media post that went "in order to sidestep the master vs main controversy, I've named the development branch of my project 'donald-trump'" :-D01:54
programmerjakethat reminds me of the discussions about what to name the error returning operator in Rust -- since Rust uses enums for non-fatal error propagation and just returns them from a function by value (instead of using stack unwinding like C++),03:33
programmerjakethey've been arguing about if they should use raise, throw, fail, or some other keyword, so, they settled on using yeet as an agreed-bad-by-everyone placeholder till they decide which keyword they want to use03:35
lxoyeet?!?  I don't know that word.  does it even mean anything (other than the rust-assigned meaning)?04:49
programmerjakeyeet is a newish (slang?) word where there isn't really an agreed definition, but it generally means "to throw something with excitement" or is an exclamation. those meanings are unrelated to rust and/or programming in general05:36
programmerjakelxo ^05:37
jn__on branch naming: in gitolite it's possible to give everyone a private prefix (e.g. lxo/*, jn/*, etc.), so that each person can still have any number of branches, but they don't collide08:45
jn__ok, when people call the main branch donald-trump, that's just controversy for controversy's sake08:46
lkcl_lxo: Alain Modra kindly pointed out a couple of things: Anton Blanchard is already on the IBM->FSF Copyright Assignment list10:31
lkcl_and that the CSV files constitute a "specification"10:33
lkcl_which has been "extracted"10:33
lkcl_the other thing is: argh, actually, *used* to be just one file but the reading and processing of CSV files to create SVP64 CSV files requires several other modules10:35
lkcl_lxo: i have an idea.  extract everything related to OpenPOWER v3.0B for the ISACaller simulator and make it a GNU project10:58

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