Monday, 2021-03-22

lkclcesar[m]1: ha! cool! you spotted the zero-reg thing. i will comment it in get_predint, i forgot to10:55
cesar[m]1We could also make get_predint output an "is always" signal, instead of relying on zero-reg. More elegant.10:59
lkclgimme 1 sec...12:08
lkclsegher: moornin.  can i ask: are there any circumstances where scalar pattern-matches in returns arithmetic expressions for register numbers?  "addi 5+3, r0, 5" rather than "addi r8, r0, 5" or just "addi 8, 0, 5"?12:13
segherlkcl: internal to GCC, there is only RTL here.  when output as assembler code, we do not do calculations with register numbers in assembler code: that would not work for rN and %rN.  there are %Ln, %Yn, %Zn for this16:17
lkclsegher: ahh that's excellent16:42
segherin many cases we do not use the output modifiers; instead, some other code calculate what register to use16:45
segheroperands[4] = operands[1] + 1;  etc.16:45
segherinternal to GCC, register names are just numbers16:46
lkclthat would make sense17:07
lkclfaster than communicating the same thing in ASCII17:07

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