Monday, 2021-05-03

henriokI’ve been following Libre-Soc for a time now, and Luke seems eager to make a decent Wikipedia article. I agree. That’s probably due now.10:39
henriokI’m here to help, if you need it. I have 16 years of editing/authoring Wikipedia articles in this aprticular area.10:39
klyslkcl, ping.10:50
klysi'm in between conversations atm.10:50
lkclklys, ack11:13
lkclhenriok, appreciated11:14
klyswhat will the title be, Libre-SOC ?11:14
lkclyes. or perhaps OpenPOWER_Libre-SOC if that's the convention11:15
lkclthere's a stack of articles here for references
lkcli cut/paste started from here
lkclhenriok, klys ^11:16
lkclit is possible for other people to edit User:talk pages, right?11:16
lkclyou just have to have a login, is that correct?11:17
henriokI had a discussion with myself how to name the Microwatt article.. just ”Microwatt” (no) or ”IBM Microwatt” (no, too narrow and not in spirit) so I settled with ”Openpower Microwatt” recetly changed (which is OK) to ”OpenPOWER Microwatt”.11:19
henriokI think ”Libre-SOC” is good.11:19
klysI'm not logged in and it has [edit] stanzas, yes11:19
henriokjust Libre-SOC that is. Including OpenPOWER there is not what I see Libre-SOC to be, unless you shift stewardship of the project to the OpenPOWER Foundation.11:20
henriokOther peopla can use Talk pages yes.11:20
lkclhenriok, Libre-SOC is the official name of the project.11:21
lkclahh got it about OPF11:21
henrioklkcl: Your style of editing is to change often in small incremets, no?11:21
lkclhenriok, yes11:23
lkclmeans that anyone else editing the page doesn't end up with conflicts11:23
* lkcl just doing a bit about "history"11:25
henriokyes, Wikipedia isnt too good at merging concurrent edits. at all.11:40
lkclyehyeh, so i try to keep it very short (and local)11:41
lkclhmm this is challenging not to do stuff that i've done rather than what's been published by other people11:41
lkcllike, we can't refer to the video demonstrating running the Litex BIOS on an FPGA, because i was the one that did it11:41
lkcland it's not been picked up by news / press / OPF / Phoronix / etc11:42
* lkcl taking a break, out for a walk, leave it with you11:44
henriokYes :) I understand that. You are amazingly ”by the book”. I love it. Most first party people wouldn’t even understand this issue with Wikipedia.12:24
lkclhenriok: been there... :)12:25
lkclhenriok: as an aside, i worked out the other day how many variants are added by SVP64 to each instruction13:21
lkclit's measured in the HUNDREDs.  per instruction!13:21
lkclif you count the vector length, VL=2..64, it's literally in the thousands.13:22
lkclew=8/16/32/default, on both src operands and dest operands, that's x4 x4 = x1613:22
lkclscalar/vector per operand (src/dst) it varies between 4x and 16x (2-operand to 4-operand)13:23
lkcldang that's 256 already13:23
lkclthen there's "modes" - that's about another... x10 (saturation signed/unsigned) no wait more than that because you get 8 BO modes for CR pred-result13:24
lkclprobably around x3013:25
lkclthen there's predication as well (2 different types), and twin predication13:25
lkclholy cow13:25
lkclbetween 1,000 and a whopping 32,000 variants.13:26
lkcl*of a single instruction*13:26
henrioklkcl: Made some significant changes/Additions to the article. You might want to reload.13:26
lkclhenriok, keeping an eye out
lkclfound a link that can be considered "notable"
lkclhenriok: we can't run linux yet (no MMU, working on that), and i haven't been able to test Zephyr yet14:37
henrioklkcl: That’s a vestige from the Microwatt article. I didn’t know the current state of Libre-SOC in that regard.15:19
henriokAlso.. fabbing.. what’s the current status on that?15:19
henrioklkcl: The article is good to publish in my oppinion.15:27
lkclhenriok: cool.15:38
lkclahh 1 sec let me find something about the new Jun 9 tapeout15:38
lkclnuts, it's not gone out as a public discussion.15:39
lkclhenriok: it's just a "move", right? change from "User" to "(Article)" along with the page-name?15:45
lkcllooks like it
henriokNo, easiest is to just create the new page in the open name space,and paste in the text.15:46
henriokI have bad experiences with moving any pages.15:46
henriokIt’s mostly done if one have a need to keep a discussion and edit history intact. I dont think we need that now.15:47
henriokYou cankeep your copy in your User space. It wont list in seraches.15:48
lkcli did the development of the LMDB page, i was quite pissed when someone took a copy, and did not preserve the history of 3 *weeks* of over 100 edits that i'd made15:54
henriokIf you want to preserve the history, then do a move.15:58
lkclthank you for your help!15:59
lkcli noticed google searches for Microwatt put the wikipedia link pretty much right at the top16:01
henriokThis meta page is usually a nice page to keep an eye on
lkcloo nice, will put that on my user page16:10
*** henriok_ is now known as henriok16:19
lkclha! the MMU <-> dcache interaction works, no data corruption16:32
lkcldisabled the actual cache, physical memory only, but it works16:32
lkclit's a huge first step16:32

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