Thursday, 2021-05-06

jn__apparently's CI is still running build jobs for me:
lkcljn__: nice! get it while you can :)13:37
lkcli wonder if they'd be happy to sponsor the project13:37
mepyAnyone online?14:09
mepyHow are you? It's been a while since I login here :)14:10
lkclno, nobody here :)14:37
mepyme too ahah14:37
* lkcl is thinking of running a "persistent" ircproxy14:37
lkcli reformatted the svp64 test cases so that the docstrings look reasonable14:37
mepyhave to go, good bye you all14:39
mepysee you soon14:39
*** mepy <mepy!~mepy@> has left #libre-soc14:39
cesar[m]1lkcl: Nice.15:02
*** lkcl- is now known as lkcl16:55
lkclcesar[m]1: i also added "zeroing" in the pipelines in the simplest possible way: in theory it should actually work once hooked in.17:11
lkclor, it might even work straight away already17:12
lkclha, we forgot to pass through SVP64 RM into TestCore.17:56
lkclha! got dest zeroing working18:53
lkclcesar[m]1, i documented it here, the code changes, so you can follow19:04

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