Saturday, 2021-05-08

lkclhenriok: i made some additional edits to wikipedia PowerISA page22:17
lkclabout the compliancy levels, esp that, sigh, the EABI 2.0 mistakenly made SIMD mandatory22:17
lkclwhere the Compliancy suite *specifically* has it optional.22:18
lkclthis basically screws absolutely every new implementor of the OpenPOWER ISA that wants to run standard GNU/Linux distro22:18
henriokAmazing. Solid!22:19
lkclthis sentence isn't clear btw: " Features must be implemented in their entirety even if they are used as optional"22:24
lkcli should ask on the discussion page22:24
henriokIt’s my interpretation from Thompto’s YT video.. I think that what I call a feature (like DFP, LPAR, Radix MMU, MMA etc) must be implemeted in it’s complete form, and not just some instructions from it so that applications using that feature can rely on it being implemented fully. But you dont need to implement _all_ features which comprise a complete subset.22:33

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