Wednesday, 2021-06-02

lkclnearly there getting pypowersim to run Lauri's MP3 CODEC test with a pass.14:43
lkclonly 2 bits of the data are wrong.14:43
lkclnow have to re-run the test again, to look for that 1 bit discrepancy. luckily it's automated :)14:44
lkclgpu sync meeting21:55
lkcllxo ^21:55
lkclprogrammerjake, ^21:55
lkcltoshywoshy, ^21:55
lx0sorry I missed yesterday's meeting.  it's been a very unusual week, it got me confused as to the day of the week yesterday.  I had an appointment moved that is usually on a different weekday, but at the same time, just before our meeting, and I carried on as if I was on the usual weekday for that appointment.  doh22:01
*** lx0 is now known as lxo22:02

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