Friday, 2021-07-16

virancheehi I just connected IRC!02:54
virancheeI have read the charter, agree and happy with it. Kudos for drafting a beautiful charter with dilbert comics as examples!02:57
virancheeHow is this dependency graph generated? Manually or Automated?
virancheeIntro: Hi everyone, I am Viranchee Lotia, I am interested in processor design. I make mobile apps (software dev, iOS Apps) full-time. I am proficient at many programming languages and techniques. Here's my github:
lkclviranchee: lol. yeah i love dilber11:35
lkclbugilla has automated graph generation11:35
lkclnice to meet you viranchee11:37
lkcli have a very very last miute talk to prepare for IIT Rourkee11:37
richardwilbur[m]Best wishes, Luke!11:43
lkclgot the conference link
lkclbit late but that's ok13:42
lkclsasi8985: ^13:42
lkclviranchee, ^13:42
richardwilbur[m]Thanks for the link.  I got up, turned the radios on in my phone (disengaged airplane mode), saw the link, registered, and joined.  (I was quite late but enjoyed what I saw and heard.)17:06
richardwilbur[m]Seems OMI might be a useful interface for a libre-soc processor.  I wonder what would be involved in creating a libre natively OMI-speaking memory module (without any piece of DDR closed-source infection)?17:10

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