Friday, 2021-07-30

lkclMaciejPijanowski, ghostmansd: if i don't hear from you i'll assume it's ok to put in that EUR 50,000 NLnet Grant Request on your behalf15:30
lkclthe deadline's Aug 01 12:0015:30
ghostmansdlkcl: I'll take a look at it tomorrow15:30
lkclcutting it fine! :)15:30
ghostmansdThat said, I'm somewhat worried about time constraints. I generally can work on the project during weekends or 2-4 hours in the evening otherwise.15:32
ghostmansdI hope weekends will be enough, but I need to check what needs to be done.15:32
ghostmansdAh, wait, we have one day left... It means I'd better start today.15:33
ghostmansd-pc$ python3 src/openpower/decoder/isa/ > /tmp/log17:18
ghostmansd-pcModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'openpower.decoder.isafunctions.fpfromint'17:18
ghostmansd-pcis it expected, or did I miss something? I tried executing $(make svanalysis pywriter pyfnwriter), but still no luck17:19
ghostmansd-pcit looks like that must be re-generated17:59
ghostmansd-pchm, I re-cloned the repo via dev scripts and all is OK18:37
ghostmansd-pcpushed two commits, updating isatables with cbcdtd and cdtbcd instructions19:10
ghostmansd-pcI've checked and for these; let me know if these work on your side. They shouldn't break anything, though, since they're not really used for now.19:12
ghostmansd-pcBTW, $(python3 src/openpower/simulator/ yields 7 errors, 48 skipped, and no successful runs. All fail with "TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'gdb_path'" exception.19:15
ghostmansd-pcI've pushed changes in isa/bcd.mdwn into master. For now, I've used the variable-bit form, since it's closer to the original code. If this ever becomes a problem, and, according to programmerjake, it will, I suggest we address the problem when it becomes actual.19:45
ghostmansd-pcI've also took a liberty to mention our discussions (both in IRC logs and bug 656 itself).19:45
henrioklkcl: Your talk starts 1h19m50s into this 7h30 EuroPython session:
lkclhenriok: thx20:56
lkclghostmansd, no problem20:56
lkclit'll be dc <- [0]*1620:58
lkclnot dc[16] = [0]*1620:58
lkclthat's an equals comparison, and also trying to assign a 16-bit value into one bit20:58
lkclthe assignment to c looks ok.21:08
lkclghostmansd, great idea about cross-referencing in the commit messages, perfect.21:16
lkclyes, "performance" of a technical specification is of the absolute lowest priority.21:16
lkclwe have enough modifications to submit upstream to the newly-formed ISA WG without adding to that burden21:17

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