Sunday, 2021-08-08

jesslkcl: there we go15:45
lkclthx jess :)15:45
lkclnew trick for me :)15:45
jessno problem15:45
*** jess <jess!~jess@libera/staff/jess> has left #libre-soc15:45
lkclLas[m], justinrestivo[m]: i was able to get arty a7 symbiflow up and running to build blinky lights.15:46
lkclwhich once i had the dependencies listed here installed
lkclwent quite well15:46
lkclgcc-riscv64-elf-newlib obviously was not needed15:47
lkclvtr didn't need the GUI, built fine without x11 libraries.15:49
lkclthe reason i mention it is because the Arty A7-100t is actually a really good mid-end low-budget FPGA board... oh err which happens to be in stock15:52
lkclthe architecture definitions can be (sigh) obtained with a series of wgets, here:
lkcli will investigate whether those can actually just be copied from the original repo rather than downloaded from a google-trusted server15:53
justinrestivo[m]lkcl: cool! I'm happy to see the arty pop up again. Had a good experience with it back when I was in school (though not with symbiflow). Wish I still had it...18:06
lkcljustinrestivo[m], neat18:39
lkcli really like that you can get PMODs for it. so i got an AC97 audio one, a VGA one, SDMMC and a couple others18:40
lkclLas[m], justinrestivo[m], that's interesting:
lkclalso someone on #symbiflow mentioned this:19:10
lkcl<kd2cca> Locally I have a few things in our nix-shell that may be of interest as well:
lkclah ha!
lkclokaaay, so there's a whooole stack here - fasm, prjxray, symbiflow-arch-defs, vtr19:16
lkclit's a bit of a mess, includes updating to master branch for vtr rather than a specific tag19:16
justinrestivo[m]Wow, this looks like quite the effort. I'm keen to clone and play with it...19:46
lkclyeah it's a good find, thanks to kd2cca on #symbiflow20:09

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