Tuesday, 2021-08-10

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lkcl-ghostmansd-pc: i'm doing a server upgrade19:10
ghostmansd-pcah, OK19:10
ghostmansd-pcit's quite an unfortunate coincidence since I wanted to check https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65719:11
ghostmansd-pcbut OK, I think recall what must be done there19:11
ghostmansd-pcshould it be test_caller.py as playground for BCD tests?19:11
lkcl-funny how quickly things become dependent on a server :)19:12
lkcl-test_caller_bcd.py for preference19:12
lkcl-if you add it to test_caller.py you will quickly get bored of how long it takes to run the other tests19:12
lkcl-if however you create a separate program with only a few tests it will be real short to run19:12
ghostmansd-pcroger that19:13
lkcl-maybe worthwhile just copying the entire tables?19:16
ghostmansd-pcdo you mean those from ISA pdf?19:16
lkcl-a cut/paste plus some judicious application of vim ":%s/x/y"19:16
ghostmansd-pcsorry, missing the context19:16
ghostmansd-pcnot using vim, but I've been thinking of the same19:16
ghostmansd-pcOkular sucks at copying though19:17
lkcl-xpdf is quite reasonable19:17
lkcl-1 sec19:18
lkcl-blat. https://bugs.libre-soc.org/show_bug.cgi?id=657#c119:19
ghostmansd-pcit feels like we should either decouple run_tst and run_tst_program from test_caller.py, or make test_caller_bcd.py import stuff from there20:00
ghostmansd-pcJust completed an interesting adventure investigating why my lovely BCD_TO_DPD and DPD_TO_BCD are never imported.20:12
ghostmansd-pcConfused header with fpheader in pywriter.py20:13
lkcl-annoying bugs those20:52
lkcl-yes there's plenty of areas where common code/functions should be dropped into modules/libaries20:53
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lkcl-meeting lxo klys jn richardwilbur[m]23:01

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