Friday, 2021-08-20

mikolajwI was one commit behind origin, could have affected00:09
mikolajwI get a different set of errors -- it's hostname resolution errors again00:10
lkclmikolajw, yes00:14
lkcl /etc/resolv.conf is copied over00:14
lkclcp /etc/schroot/default/copyfiles /etc/schroot/$chrootdir00:15
lkclif it continues to "fail" you can now still actually schroot in and investigate00:16
lkclrun "mount" to see if all mount points are up00:16
lkclcat /etc/resolv.conf to see if it's good00:16
lkcli assume you have resolvconf installed00:16
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Veeralkcl: Hi00:23
VeeraNeed help regarding depndence_cell_multi_pending labeling00:29
lkcltomorrow. v late here00:29
mikolajwmy resolv.conf was empty, that's why hostname resolution failed for me. I've symlinked /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf as /etc/resolv.conf and things seem to work01:58
mikolajwI get no more errors from mk-deb-chroot, i'll try to run the other stuff tomorrow01:59
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VeeraHas any ECP5 FPGA board used or in development for Libre-SOC or microwatt cpu's?17:17
programmerjakeyes, though icr the exact board names. lkcl might know17:50
programmerjakeiirc we're planning on buying some for libre-soc, raptor is currently designing them17:51
veera_kumar[m]programmerjake: Do you know the specs of board17:57
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programmerjakeI don't remember for sure, but we are thinking about getting pcie, ddr3 >32MB, and an ecp5g 85k lut, as well as video out and 1gbit ethernet18:12
programmerjakemaybe usb too?18:13
veera[m]When will it arrive from Raptor!18:14
programmerjakeidk, soon18:15
programmerjakethey're still designing it18:16
lkclif someone sees mikolajw, can they point him at this page
lkclit's where i found someone else who'd run with archlinux, i remember what it was: they had to install Xnest inside the chroot19:35
lkclsorry: Xnest *outside* the chroot, and "export DISPLAY=:1" *inside* the chroot19:36
mikolajwlkcl: thanks for the link, I read the logs21:04
lkclmikolajw, :)22:54
mikolajwlkcl: I've patched mk-deb-chroot to work for me, should I send you the patches via the mailing list to review? Or should I just send you my public key and push directly22:55
mikolajwand I've added a simple check to prevent creating a duplicate entry in /etc/schroot/schroot.conf, it's just a simple if-else, I think it's worth adding even if it breaks the classic unix philosophy :)22:59
lkclmikolajw, send me an ssh public key23:15
lkclit would be better to exit the script, because if someone has used the same name for a chroot, then the directory /opt/chroot/xxxxx will also be there23:16
lkclwhich could overwrite work they've already done23:17
mikolajwlkcl: added that too23:23
mikolajwok, I'll send it23:24
mikolajwtried running install-hdl-apt-reqs23:26
mikolajw(under schroot)23:26
mikolajwThe following packages have unmet dependencies:23:26
mikolajw qemu-system-ppc : Depends: libfdt1 (>= 1.6.0) but 1.4.7-4 is to be installed23:26
mikolajw                   Depends: qemu-system-common (> 1:5.2+dfsg-9~bpo10+1~) but 1:3.1+dfsg-8+deb10u8 is to be installed23:26
mikolajw                   Depends: qemu-system-data (> 1:5.2+dfsg-9~bpo10+1~) but 1:3.1+dfsg-8+deb10u8 is to be installed23:27
mikolajw                   Recommends: qemu-system-gui (= 1:5.2+dfsg-9~bpo10+1) but it is not going to be installed23:27
mikolajw                   Recommends: qemu-utils but it is not going to be installed23:27
mikolajw                   Recommends: seabios but it is not going to be installed23:27
mikolajw                   Recommends: ipxe-qemu (>= 1.0.0+git-20131111.c3d1e78-1~) but it is not going to be installedy23:27
mikolajw -- `git clone` and the other git clone commands don't appear to work,23:29
lkclthat's new.  and annoying.23:33
lkcland precisely what we... ohhhh arse, i know what that is.23:34
lkclit's because we added buster-backports.23:34
lkcland seabios hasn't been backported.23:34
programmerjakeiirc you can tell apt to not use a particular source unless packages aren't available anywhere else...23:36
cesarThe git clone commands seem to be missing the port number.23:38
lkclooooo ngggggh23:39
lkclgot it23:40
programmerjakeyes, you need to use ssh://
lkclor edit ~/.ssh/config it doesn't matter which23:42
lkclmikolajw, ok fixed23:44
lkclset up pin-preferences for the entire buster-backports repo23:44
lkclwhich would not normally be recommended23:45
lkclwe found that the debian/10 variant of qemu was far too old, last week23:45
* lkcl (cough i have been using the debian/testing version cough)23:45
mikolajwoh, I've skipped that section, so that was my inattention23:46
lkclmikolajw, if you run the install-hdl-apt-reqs then it does everything you need for you23:46
lkclbut feel free to go through the individual installations if you prefer, i totally get that it gives you a "feel" for what's involved23:47
lkcli tried installing symbiflow directly by following the 1-line install instructions (eventually) and it was a quite painful experience, i had no idea what was actually going on23:48
lkclretrospectively i worked it out though23:48
mikolajwok, the script appears to have finished successfully23:51
lkcltransparent proxies inserted by ISPs are f***** up debian HTTP archive access.  that's a solution for it.  dang23:51
lkclmikolajw, excellent23:51
lkcllikewise here23:51
lkclor at least, it's unpacking packages23:51
lkclafter restarting a 2nd time, due to an ISP transparent proxy ****** around :)23:52
mikolajwalso, that section does not explain what are these git clone lines for, they appear immediately after the URL pointing to the script23:52
lkclno, they're just dependencies, and they're notes for getting things installed quickly23:53
* lkcl going to try the hdl script as well23:55
lkclsince we haven't tried it since the addition of buster-backports23:55

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