Monday, 2021-08-23

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Madan_KartheessaWhich version of Debian to be installed? Debian 10 or Debian 10.1006:05
lkclMadan_Kartheessa, by the time security updates are installed it results in debian 10.1007:25
lkclyou arrive at the same point07:25
Madan_KartheessaThanks Luke. I will install Debian 10.1007:33
Las[m]Which parts of coriolis do you guys use?09:25
Madan_KartheessaI have no idea.10:44
lkclLas[m], alliance-check-toolkit for reference and checking modifications to coriolis2, coriolis2 itself, and Marie-Minerve ran hitas/yagle separately13:22
lkclLas[m], the answer is, strictly speaking, "we use coriolis2", which i appreciate doesn't make much sense :)13:23
lkclor, the answer is, "all of it" :)13:23
Las[m]Well then I'll likely have to package all of it13:23
Las[m]I am asking because there are 26 components in coriolis13:24
lkclit has several plugins, though, some of which are retired, but... yes13:24
lkclthey're typically all used, because they have different purpopses / roles13:24
lkclfor example, there's a plugin for creating an IO Ring13:25
lkclbut yes, a typical user would need all of it.13:26
lkclalliance is also a dependency (interestingly that's packaged in debian)13:28
lkcland alliance-check-toolkit is useful / used as well13:28
lkclmikolajw: (for when you see the logs) if you can put a bit about yourself on particularly what you've done (python? c?) etc. and perhaps what you'd _like_ to do, it's easier to find you something15:52
ghostmansd-pclkcl: am I right that mulhw test cases go into src/openpower/test/mul/, not to
ghostmansd-pcOut of curiosity. If so, do we have guidelines on what should go to Recently I've added a new file, which tests BCD instructions. Am I right that the current pattern is to decouple the tests outside of
ghostmansd-pc> go into src/openpower/test/mul/long_mul_cases.py19:37
ghostmansd-pcIt seems this file contains just some meta. What's the actual test case?19:37
programmerjakethe test cases are here:;a=blob;f=src/openpower/test/mul/;h=3247ccc8c8f4afa2fe52a90f35ad57f4703bd23a;hb=HEAD19:43
ghostmansd-pcprogrammerjake: I mean, how to run it? $(python3 src/openpower/test/mul/ does nothing (unsurprisingly, since there's no code aside of classes and other boilerplate).19:48
programmerjakeyou run python3 src/soc/fu/mul/test/test_pipe_caller_long.py19:50
ghostmansd-pcprogrammerjake: could you, please, clarify, where can I find it? $(find openpower-isa -name yields nothing.20:26
programmerjakein soc.git20:27
programmerjakethe tests were originally all in soc.git20:28
ghostmansd-pcModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'power_instruction_analyzer'20:33
ghostmansd-pcIIRC we've discussed some pia-related issues; should I re-install it?20:33
programmerjakeyes...install using from git master20:35
programmerjakeyou may need to update your version of Rust, update using `rustup update`20:36 is in power-instruction-analyzer's repo; the script in dev-env-setup is out-of-date20:44
ghostmansd-pcI'll take a look at it, thank you!20:45
lkclprogrammerjake, you need to merge that into the script that is already there.21:35
lkclalso, the entirety of pia needs to be made optional (and, if not, removed)21:35
lkcland ultimately replaced.21:35
lkclas an experiment to make code critically dependent on an unstable in-development language with no stable targets was a mistake21:36
lkclanything that is running HDL co-simulated against ISACaller *at the moment* is in the soc repo21:39
lkclhowever if all unit tests are properly abstracted out, it should be possible to (a) run all unit tests against anything and (b) co-simulate them against anything21:40
lkclthe list of candidates is:21:40
lkcl1) qemu21:40
lkcl2) ISACaller21:40
lkcl3) power-gem521:40
lkcl4) libre-soC HDL21:40
lkcl5) microwatt21:41
lkcl6) native IBM POWER921:41
lkcl7) a simulator based on Peter Hsu's cavatools21:41
lkclthus openpower-isa becomes not just a "batch of unit tests"21:42
lkclit becomes a full Conformance Test Suite21:42
lkclsuitable for testing *any* Power ISA system21:42
lkcl(and at that point, pia is not appropriate to make it a hard critical dependency, and will need to be replaced)21:42
lkclthis one;a=blob;f=pia-install;hb=HEAD21:45
lkclprogrammerjake: this is the script that needs to be updated to a fixed, stable point21:46
lkcli've not heard of, i have no idea what it is or where it is.21:46
lkclit's not in the dev-env-setup.git repository21:46
programmerjakeit's in power-instruction-analyzer.git, I did mention it when I closed the last pia bug21:59
programmerjakealso, Rust is decidedly not an "unstable in-development language with no stable targets"22:04
lkcli was expecting the existing dev-env-setup.git script to be updated.22:12
lkclnow there's two scripts, one of which is referred to in all documentation and doesn't work22:12
lkcland another which is not referred to in any of the documentation22:13
programmerjakesorry, I didn't think to look in dev-env-setup; I did update the wiki22:15
programmerjakeI had understood the wiki to be our canonical install instructions22:19

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