Friday, 2021-08-27

Las[m]lkcl: Do you use Coriolis with OpenMP enabled?20:31
lkclLas[m], it's all in the coriolis2-chroot script in dev-env-setup, so whatever is done there is what is done.  let me just check22:00
Las[m]Doesn't seem like you do22:01
Las[m]I have it packaged now, I'll have to test it now22:01
Las[m]Do you have any tips for testing it?22:01
Las[m]I have no idea how you use Coriolis22:02
lkclrun alliance-check-toolkit's build.sh22:02
lkcllet me find it 1 sec22:02
lkcli think it's called "" or something22:02
lkclif that runs and (pretty much) everything passes, it's good22:03
Las[m]Is alliance-check-toolkit needed for Libre-SoC otherwise?22:03
lkclalliance-check-toolkit is there22:03
lkclmmm.... yes.22:03
lkclit contains some essential cell libraries, definitions, and scripts22:04
lkclit doesn't actually "build"22:04
lkclit's just...22:04
lkcla repository of cell libraries, definitions, and scripts22:04
Las[m]Thanks, I'll take a look at it and test it with Coriolis22:05
lkcland benchmarks, without which you can't confirm if coriolis2 works.  like the bin/ script22:05
lkclit'll tell you if success or fail
lkclbtw make sure to have a beefy machine :)22:05

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