Thursday, 2021-09-02

Las[m]lkcl: Do you make use of too?10:56
lkclLas[m], yes, it's one of the dependencies.  you can see in the chroot script11:06
lkcland here
Las[m]just noticed that... thanks11:07
lkclthe tools there are slowly being replaced however that is taking time, so it's still a dependency11:07
lkclmikolajw: i'll need an email address... i think i have one somewhere11:08
lkclmikolajw: you already have one11:09
Las[m]lkcl: Is there a subset of the binaries in Alliance that you don't need?11:11
lkclLas[m], no, it doesn't work that way.  everything is needed because it's a complete process, start to finish11:12
lkclVLSI development is a multi-phase process. each tool performs a specific phase11:13
Las[m]lkcl: So every folder in is needed?11:14
lkclyes, every folder and every tool is needed.11:20
lkclthere are no shortcuts possible here.11:21
lkclsorry :)11:21
Las[m]Well, I'll try to get it running11:23
lkclalliance is packaged for debian, already, so should be quite straightforward11:25
lkclthe only pain is that it's set up as relative (homedir) style install, but there shouuuld be an override for INSTALL_PREFIX11:26
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ghostmansdlkcl: iirc you mentioned bug in srad?20:10
ghostmansdHm, I've re-checked the code. Apart of off-by-one bug, which you already spotted, the code should be fine...20:31
ghostmansd-pchow much does it take to execute soc/src/soc/simple/test/ it's in _simple_ directory, Carl!20:40
ghostmansd[sigh] all this time I waited is to simply find out that SVP64State has no attribute spr. It seems I forgot to update the repo.20:44
ghostmansd-pcafter the update:20:49
ghostmansd-pc  File "/home/ghostmansd/src/nmutil/src/nmutil/", line 148, in eq20:50
ghostmansd-pc    rres = ao.eq(ai)20:50
ghostmansd-pcAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'eq20:50
ghostmansd-pcit seems I'll never be able to launch these tests from soc successfully20:50
lkclghostmansd, ehn?21:14
lkcl1 se21:14
lkclpython3 simple/test/ nosvp64 >& /tmp/f21:14
lkclnmutil commit:21:15
lkclcommit efda080db6978d249a23003bec734f1cc07de329 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)21:16
lkclAuthor: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <>21:16
lkclDate:   Tue Aug 24 12:52:12 2021 +010021:16
lkcl    likewise replace data_o with o_data and data_i with i_data21:16
lkclsoc commit:21:16
lkclcommit 09ef5133b667ac71a3f34a3f35144743217f7acc (HEAD -> master)21:16
lkclAuthor: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <>21:16
lkclDate:   Tue Aug 31 21:27:08 2021 +010021:16
lkcl    anooother valid_o to convert to o_valid21:16
ghostmansdI launched it w/o options21:19
ghostmansdMaybe that's the problem21:19
lkclthe venv you use with python3 -m venv ~/.env, right?21:20
ghostmansdWhat should I do in order to run tests on soc? What are the repos to be updated? Only soc and openpower-isa, or more?21:20
ghostmansdNope, I ran it on my schroot directly21:21
ghostmansdw/o venv21:21
lkclah with develop?21:21
ghostmansdDo we have the whole process documented? Re-installing the whole HDL workflow is, well, not the best option.21:21
ghostmansdNope, simply python3 path-to-test21:22
lkclyeah you can't run it that way.21:22
lkclit has to be venv'd or system-wide install with develop21:22
lkclthere's a /home/ghostmansd/.env directory21:23
ghostmansdOk, what's the way to run? Is it documented? I recall there were some hints on in HDL, but IIRC it's not about running tests...21:23
lkclghostmansd@75-224-155-23:~/src/soc$ python3 develop21:23
lkclTraceback (most recent call last):21:23
lkcl  File "", line 1, in <module>21:23
lkcl    from setuptools import setup, find_packages21:23
lkclModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'setuptools'21:23
lkclthe instructions are:21:23
lkclrun the dev-env-setup script21:23
lkclif the dev-env-setup script fails, that's NOT your problem, that's a bug to get fixed21:24
ghostmansdYou're checking on Talos?21:24
lkclghostmansd@75-224-155-23:~/src/soc$ python3 develop21:24
lkclTraceback (most recent call last):21:24
lkcl  File "", line 1, in <module>21:24
lkcl    from setuptools import setup, find_packages21:24
lkclModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'setuptools'21:24
lkclok so it looks like you've never run the setup.py21:24
lkclwhich explains why it can never work21:24
ghostmansdNope, never on talos21:24
ghostmansdBut I posted results not from taloz21:25
lkclahh ok21:25
ghostmansdThe results I posted are from Debian VM21:25
ghostmansdThough w/o venv21:25
lkclok, then you run the dev-env-setup w/o venv21:25
ghostmansdAnyway, I'd rather prefer Talos21:25
lkcland there should be absolutely no problem whatsoever21:25
lkclas long as you have *only* run the dev-env-setup script and not attempted anything else21:26
ghostmansdlkcl: how about we finally complete establishing environment on Talos, since it's obviously better performance-wise than my laptop?21:27
ghostmansdSo far I used only some virtualenv-related script on Talos, and I have all repos I think I should have21:28
ghostmansdShould I also run dev-env-setup on Talos?21:28
ghostmansdAnything else? I suspect the HDL workflow does not exactly fit Talos.21:28
lkcl no absolutely not21:30
lkclit is currently a debian/testing system and i am trying to sort it out21:30
lkcldebian/testing was the only way that the system could be installed (at all) due to it being a remote-managed server21:30
lkclfricking nuisance21:31
lkclprobably going to have to tolerate python 3.921:31
lkclok making progress21:37
lkcli'm going through it manually for you but using python3 develop --user21:38
lkclwhich installs python packages into ~/.local/21:38
lkclit's 1/2 way through pywriter21:39
lkclok that's done21:40
lkclsoc install next21:40
lkcloh ha ha very funny21:42
lkclno powerpc64le-linux-gnu-as21:42
lkclbecause, duh, this is native21:42
lkcli thought that would happen21:43
lkclerrrrmmm... ermermerm... how to detect that...21:43
lkcl>>> import platform21:44
lkcl>>> platform.machine()21:44
lkclghostmansd, okaaay that's running21:49
lkclon the TALOS-II workstation, under your homedir21:49 nosvp6421:50
* lkcl trying in openpower-isa21:50
ghostmansdIf this works, that'd be great, since it closes two questions: 1) always disturbing you with testing; 2) fixing potential issues on-the-fly21:52
lkclno errors in test_caller.py21:53
lkcland i leave you to inspect the output of, it outputted to /tmp/x21:53 i outputted to /tmp/y21:53
* lkcl tired. rest21:54
ghostmansdAnyway, when the environment is ready, I must know in the future what to update and how. Should I go over all repositories in src with `git pull origin master --rebase` and `git submodule update --recursive`? Should I also re-build pia? Should I go through the whole HDL?21:55
ghostmansdThat's not urgent, but really desired eventually. I have no idea how soc works, I'm new to it.21:55
ghostmansdopenpower-isa was a good one to start, since it's somewhat self-contained. But I don't have a picture of the overall project architecture.21:56
ghostmansdThank you for help! I hope I'll be able to check these tomorrow. But most likely I will check on weekends, since I'm overwhelmed by everyday work and family needs (the latter are at least nice and pleasant, though).21:57
programmerjakeyou can rebuild pia if you like, but it's not necessary unless your moving to a different python environment22:07
lkclghostmansd, it's good. yes basically git pull (at least) and, as you've already been doing, if that was on openpower-isa you need to identify if .mdwn files were modified and re-run the appropriate compiler22:55
lkcl(pywriter, pyfnwriter)22:56
lkclyou've already been doing that so know how it's done22:56
lkcl(and how to take relevant shortcuts)22:56
lkclthere's no need to re-run python3 install22:56
lkclbecause we don't *use* python3 install22:56
lkclwe use python3 *develop*22:56
lkclprecisely because it does *NOT* take a copy and point you at the copy22:57
lkclprogrammerjake, sigh, had to use python3.9 on talos1.  ngggh23:00

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