Sunday, 2021-10-03

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tplatenJust joined the libre-soc chat08:49
lkclhii tplaten09:02
lkclmeant to let you know about the irc channel absolutely ages ago, sorry09:03
lkcllogs are here
tplatenI knew about the channel, but I only used the mailing list.09:08
tplatenfrom now on I will use both09:08
tplatenYesterday I also joined the Mesa chat, since I tried to get Vulkan running on my Talos II.09:14
lkclnice. what graphics card have you got in it? you're on the #talos-workstation channel as well?09:32
lkcltoshywoshy, openpowerbot's gone walkies :)  probably that "reconnect gets banned" thing again09:33
lkclit's ok on OFTC.09:33
tplatenan AST2500 BMC which also has a VNC server in it. But I do software rendering on the POWER9 just using Lavapipe or LLVMpipe.09:35
tplatenI can play minetest on it, since it uses irrlicht and OpenGL.09:36
tplatenI removed the redunant pi_dcbz which only one of my unit test had been using09:40
lkclah pi_dcbz itself might be ok (have to see) - it was just the set_dcbz_addr that was not such a good idea09:50
lkclat some point an extra option "cache-inhibited" also has to be passed to both set_wr_add and set_wr_addr09:50
tplatenanyway I copied test code, but only a few lines.09:55
tplatenboth set_wr_add and set_wr_addr -> did you mean set_rd_addr09:56
lkclah yes :)10:00
tplatencurrently working on src/soc/experiment/test/test_compldst_multi_mmu.py12:39
tplatenI begun fixing one of the unit tests in src/soc/experiment/, guess I'll find more bugs.13:19
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