Wednesday, 2021-11-03

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lkclfolks i've registered the IRC channel #opentapeoutdev15:31
lkclcould someone bridge it to Matrix?15:34
lkcltoshywoshy, will ask tonight, heads-up addition to agenda: would it be ok (appropriate / on-topic) to bridge mattermost even if it's temporary, until say 10 nov? perfectly fine if you said "no because it's supposed to be OpenPOWER-related"15:36
lkclyou're the only person i know on such short notice who can do a mattermost bridge :)15:55
octaviuslkcl, strange, that reply email you sent appeared in my spam box for some reason, I'll make sure to check next time XD16:28
lkclyehyeh that happens on cc's sometimes16:29
lkclthe usual solution is to set up special filters (if you're using gmail)16:29
octaviusI rented website + email (with a single domain) from Hostinger, so I'll give their filters a check later16:30
tplatencurrently having a look at MMUToICacheType and ICache17:40
tplatenit handles tlbie and tlbld17:42
tplatenthe more interting interfaces are Fetch1ToICacheType and ICacheToDecode1Type17:44
lkcltplaten: i hadn't added an l_in (Execute1ToLoadstore1Type) to because the original idea was to split out to handle that role17:47
lkclnow it will17:48
lkcland will "talk" to it.17:48
tplatencurrently reading and (mostly fetch_fsm)18:02
tplatenin soc/src/soc/minerva/units there is CachedFetchUnit, i have a look at that18:12
lkclyes ignore that18:19
lkclwe're following microwatt (, 100%18:19
tplatenI agree18:23
tplatenfor the core I added mmu.alu.set_ldst_interface(l0.cmpi.lsmem.lsi) now I have a deeper look into the issuer as that handles instruction fetch18:24
tplatennow looking at unit tests that do ifetch18:52
tplatenfound a DriverConflict in one of my tests: TestLDSTCompUnitRegSpecMMUFSM19:54
lkcltoshywoshy, programmerjake, cesar, lxo, meeting 1hr20:00
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octaviuslkcl, is this a specific team meeting?20:07
lkcloctavius, one between libre-soc, openpower foundation, and microwatt20:49
lkclsame location20:49
lkclit's... very fast-paced, status update to keep OPF informed20:50
lkclfeel free to join and listen in20:50
lkclsame URL20:50
lkclit's posh n everyfink, we actually have an agenda20:52
programmerjakelkcl, be there in a sec...21:01
programmerjakewas writing a reply to your emails21:02
lkclprogrammerjake, ok. everyone's here.  waiting for you21:05
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