Thursday, 2021-12-02

lkcloctavius, sorted out the gpio pads12:21
lkclgit pull12:21
lkcljuts explaining in bugtracker12:21
octaviusYeah, I was about to write that pads had same error12:21
octaviusAlso apologies for the PEP-8 error, I do actually edit in a 76ish line terminal, just these notes I wrote in a different editor.12:22
lkcla "git diff" in an 80-char window - which you should be doing anyway before commit just to review the changes are what you expect - helps with that12:24
lkclyou should be doing "git diff" before every commit to make absolutely sure that the commit message is actually about the commit changes12:25
lkcland is the point at which you should be on high alert for the word "and" in what you are writing12:25
lkcl"changed this AND fixed that"12:26
lkclcommit 1: "changed this"12:26
lkclcommit 2: "fixed that"12:26
lkclbut you only really spot that by doing a "git diff"12:26
lkclanyway it's good12:27
lkcl        assert ((gpio_o_val & 0b0001) != 0) == pad0_out12:27
lkcl        assert ((gpio_o_val & 0b0010) != 0) == pad1_out12:27
lkclworks great12:27
lkclof course, if you were to now set the *gpio input* (on any one bit), those would be *inverted*12:27
lkclassert ((gpio_o_val & 0b0001) != 0) != pad0_out12:28
lkclbut you'd have to do yield gpio0_pad_in.eq(1) first12:28
lkclpio0_pad_in = top.jtag.boundary_scan_pads['gpio_0__gpio0__i']['i']12:29
lkclyou get the idea12:29
octaviusSure, thanks12:31
octaviusI'll try to split my commits more often. Just something I have to keep doing12:32
octaviusBtw, a slightly random question, is it worthwhile to print a copy of the cd6600 book?12:40
lkclup to you.  i did, on A3. but, turns, out, really, only the pages around 126 are particularly relevant12:56
octaviusSure, I probably will anyway, hard to read on a monitor or ereader12:56
lkclthe rest is like, "wow" from a historic perspective but not spectacularly relevant12:56
octaviusYeah I did enjoy the ECL parts XD12:56
octaviusAlso, I realised that I was looking at the wrong .il file for a while, since the files under build/ were not being updated....instead had to look at manually created test_jtag_blinker.il12:58
octaviusBecause of course the build() method is not being called in my case :)12:59
octaviusDo you think this is likely to affect our grants?15:43
lkclno.  this is companies like TSMC and Intel telling EU Bureaucrats, "EUR 120 million for Foundries to get EU full ASIC Digital Sovereignty isn't enough"15:52
lkclwhich has nothing to do with requesting EU Grant money to *design* an ASIC15:52
octavius"this is companies like TSMC and Intel telling EU Bureaucrats", ah yes, you can't do without us...15:58
lkclwhere, actually, lower geometries (180nm, 130nm) are 50% of all ASICs made, by volume16:33
octaviusGreat article, although you all probably read it already since it's from 2001 :)
programmerjakeoh, first I saw it...probably cuz I was about 6 when it was written22:44
octaviusIndeed. I found the principle of putting in more time to do something as a somewhat difficult concept as a young man, especially in this day and age.22:45
octaviusAlthough since my prefrontal cortex was finishing development a few years ago, I've gotten better at dedicating time to a few task, as opposed to splitting attention into many many ideas/tasks22:47

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