Tuesday, 2022-01-04

programmerjakehi bee!00:47
lkclha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKrUu_3h8WY01:02
lkcljust uploading01:02
programmerjakelkcl yay!02:17
lkclhmmm, i have a failure-point in the verilator simulation of libresoc but it takes an *hour* to get to that point.14:05
* lkcl got a timing bug to track down in the MMU on a TLB read19:04
lkcljust trying running a fix - it is really weird that it occurs depending on the size of the executable, when this is pure data-LDs19:06
lkclbut i think it's to do with cache misses, so if the TLB cache line was flushed (because of other code doing other LD/STs) the error occurs19:06
lkclso it looks random. sigh19:07
programmerjakelkcl toshywoshy cesar etc. meeting in 8min21:52

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