Wednesday, 2022-01-12

bee[m]I don't see #arm-netbook in the Matrix listing for Is there a bridge?08:12
programmerjakethe irc channel just doesn't yet exist...lkcl hasn't made it yet. libera always bridges all irc channels to matrix afaict08:19
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lkclprogrammerjake, yes i created it, it was automatic from a rename in hexchat.conf to libera11:16
lkcli just forgot :)11:16
* lkcl examining / dcache.vhdl today11:16
octaviusSure lkcl, thanks for the explanation11:59
* lkcl acks12:00
lkcldealing with overlapping wishbone acks in dcache at the moment12:00
octaviusSounds fun :')12:00
lkclit's what i described last night: there's a busy signal in microwatt for the different stages in dcache.12:05
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lkclanother 3.5 hour into the simulation run, just coming up to the crunch-point after fixing those dcache bugs in the next... 5-10 mins19:32
lkclnope. damnit19:40
lkclarrrgh i am a dumbass19:41
lkclcopied the wrong frickin verilog file19:41
lkcldamnit that's 4 hours wasted19:41
octaviusIs there no meeting today?21:16
programmerjakeoctavius: luke canceled the meeting: "folks we covered most of what needed to be discussed, yesterday, informally, so i think we'll skip this one, next meeting 26th EU/US (27th AU)."21:24
octaviusthanks jake21:26

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