Saturday, 2022-01-15

lkclpffh, dust? you're worried about *dust*?? clearly you are a new car-owner :)00:00
lkcloh, can i recommend you get a NOCO-BOOST GB20?00:01
lkclthey're great as a USB battery, also a torch, and can kick out 500A @ 12V (!!)00:02
lkclif you got a diesel i'd recommend the GB40 instead00:03
lkclthe battery on my mum's little 25-year-old toyota goes flat in about 6 weeks, and i just don't use it enough00:05
lkcloh btw if it snows, go find yourself an empty car-park (train station car park late at night usually does it) and go try some handbrake turns at 5mph :)00:07
lkclalso, what's really *really* illustrative is: get up to 5mph, lock up the brakes, turn the steering wheel and *then* let off the brakes00:07
lkclmake sure there are no hidden sleepers under the snow, or any other cars around!  you *will* end up going in a straight line until you let off the brakes!00:08
lkclexactly the same thing happens when it's wet (aquaplaning) but in snow it's slower and safer to experiment00:09
lkclif you do the same thing with the handbrake the back-end *will* swing round00:09
lkclall of these things you should try and experiment with, to feel what they're like, so you're not caught out "eek wtf the car's not going how i expect whatdoidowhatdoido splat"00:10
lkclokaaay the MMU looks like it is behaving, as best can be determined so far12:32
lkclnow i need to add LR/SC - stdcx - load/store reservations12:33
lkclin theory this should be a matter of connecting up to existing dcache code, but LDSTCompUnit was never designed for Rc=1 so that's going to be interesting/hairy12:53
sadoon_albader[mHey guys :)17:28
sadoon_albader[mInterview for a government job tomorrow, wish me luck!17:28
octaviusGood luck17:29
sadoon_albader[mIt's good pay and very light work afaict, so hopefully I'll have a lot of time to work on side projects17:29
octaviusIs that job gonna be alright with you working on open-source?17:29
sadoon_albader[mAnd debian bullseye is running amazingly well on my ppc and ppc64 machines, the repo is up17:29
sadoon_albader[moctavius: Of course, they don't care17:29
sadoon_albader[mIt's a data entry / IT stuff for a public college down here17:30
octaviusAh ok17:30
sadoon_albader[mThey need employees for the office badly and they offered to give me an engineer title which comes with extra pay17:31
sadoon_albader[mBasically I wanna get into teaching but they require 2 years of experience for that so it's all good with me17:32
sadoon_albader[mAnyways if all goes well I'll be much more active here God willing17:32
octaviusSounds like a nice stable income ;)17:33
sadoon_albader[mThat's the plan18:09
lkclhii sadoon_albader[m good luck19:13
lkclsadoon_albader[m, you saw i've just started running microwatt buildroot linux-5.7?19:23
lkclMMU looks good, am currently adding atomic load/store19:23
lkclwhich is needed for spinlocks19:23
lkclall data structures turn to mush without that :)19:27
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "hii sadoon_albader good luck" <- Thanks!19:29
sadoon_albader[m<lkcl> "sadoon_albader, you saw i've..." <- Been too busy and there's a lot of backlog, awesome to hear!19:29
lkcli used to work at sainsbury's for 14 hours a week when at uni.19:30
* sadoon_albader[m searches sainsbury19:30
lkclstopped only for my 3rd year exams and was only GBP 1000 in debt when i left, and paid that off within a year on my first job19:30
sadoon_albader[mAh nice19:30
lkclsainsbury's cromwell road, in london - sold TEN PERCENT of the UK's bottled water (!!)19:30
lkcljust that one store19:31
sadoon_albader[mI worked as a student worker at uni for about 14 hours a week too, 6 hours in labs and 8 in tutoring19:32
sadoon_albader[mMade good money back then, used it to travel quite a bit until 2020 came19:32
lkclcan it be done over video link now?19:32
sadoon_albader[mObviously traveling on a tight budget but if you book things 2-3 months early you get really good deals19:32
sadoon_albader[mlkcl: When I was a student they offered us tutoring again over the internet but there was a big minus19:33
sadoon_albader[mBack at uni we were paid for shifts, even if students don't come19:33
sadoon_albader[mWas more pay and more stable19:33
sadoon_albader[mAfter 2020 they only paid us for each session which was mad, I'd free up 6 hours a week to get paid for 1 or sometimes 0, until midterms week came19:34
sadoon_albader[mI did private tutoring for a while, much more money in that, let me tell you19:34
lkcloh btw do join #debian-ports and #debianppc on, let people know about the ppc64be port!19:34
lkclwhere to get it, test it, etc.19:34
sadoon_albader[mOf course, I haven't forgotten, just got really busy with this job thing19:35
lkclyyeah priorities19:35
* lkcl still thinking of things for you that can justify giving you some $ :)19:36
sadoon_albader[mSo far it's all good except the packages need to be signed which I'll do later, then communicate with the debian guys19:36
sadoon_albader[mThat's generous :)19:37
sadoon_albader[mBut I need to see where I land and how much free time I exactly have during and after work to commit19:37
sadoon_albader[mLike I said, probably a lot19:37
lkclsigning them's not an issue. you need to be part of the debian-archive-keyring for people to "trust" your key.19:37
lkclit's the only truly inviolate project with proper distributed independence, quite fascinating19:38
lkclwhen i was doing samba nmbd reverse-engineering, i used to wake up at around 6:40am, cycle in to work by 7am/7:1519:39
lkclswap out the hard drive (i'd bought an identical machine from Evesham Micros just so i could do this...)19:39
lkclsniff the work network and do nmbd until around 9:3019:40
lkclswap the work hard drive back in and do a full day's work for the company...19:40
lkclthen around 5/5:30 swap the drive back and carry on until around 10/10:30pm, cycle home 25 mins in the dark19:40
lkclthen do the same thing again the next day19:41
lkcli was doing almost as many hours on samba as i was for the company i was working for.  more if you count weekends :)19:41
sadoon_albader[mSounds like a lot of caffeine was involved19:41
lkclsurprisingly not. i was however only around 63-65kg (at 190cm that's really, really low)19:43
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