Sunday, 2022-01-30

alMalsamoWhy was nMigen chosen for HDL?01:13
alMalsamoIs there ANY other project that uses nMigen?01:13
alMalsamoAlso I checked and it says it doesn't support synthing chips under 180nm... what is the technical reason for this limitation?01:14
lkclalriiight, finally, it looks like the misaligned store is fixed14:36
lkclalMalsamo, we chose nmigen two years ago after a comprehensive review of various HDL.  PyRTL, MyHDL, Chisel3, many others17:17
lkclmigen as well.  migen turns out to have non-deterministic behaviour, which was fixed in nmigen (it was one of the design goals that Sebastien Bordeauducq, the creator of migen and MilkyMist SoC, 15 years ago, had in mind)17:18
lkclwhat we *didn't* know was that whitequark, an employee of M-Labs under Hong Kong Law, had been fired by M-Labs17:19
lkclthis only emerged some 18 months *after* we had committed massive resources, creating something like 100,000 lines of nmigen HDL plus unit tests.17:20
lkclwe owe *everything* to M-Labs: if Sebastien had not created migen and funded nmigen, we would not be here today17:21
lkclwe are the only team that respects that, respects the origins, and the only team that understands the seriousness of respecting Trademark Law.17:22
lkclwe *have* to respect Trademark Law because we are seeking USD 15 million in VC Funding17:34
octaviusThanks lkcl, I'll look at it later!18:21
lkcloctavius, ack :)18:21
lkcli just managed to speed up the verilator simulations to the point where it's now actually 50% faster than microwatt :)18:21
lkcltotal accident, mind18:22
octavius"actually 50% faster than microwatt", congrats!18:29
octaviusVery impressive, especially given how long it took to boot linux18:29
lkcli mean it'll still be 2+ hours to get to the boot prompt19:15
lkclactual performance executing on an FPGA will still suck though19:17
lkclbecause of the FSM19:17

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