Tuesday, 2022-02-15

cesaroctavius: Indeed, GTKWave will silently drop any trace not present in the VCD file. SInce my API just writes the gtkw file, withput looking at the VCD, it can't give a warning either.10:12
cesarGTKWave could at least give a warning on the console.10:13
cesarNow, once the trace is dropped by GTKWave, it seems its color is given to the next trace. I hadn't noticed this before. I think you really found a bug of GTKWave!10:16
cesar... or at least an instance of undefined behavior.10:17
cesarBy the way, thanks for fixing the tutorial page.10:18
cesarAlso, feel free to fix p_shift_i to p_i_shift. The automated search and replace, on the latest signal renaming event, likely missed this signal.10:24
octaviusThank you cesar for making this API wrapper! I was initially confused and a little frustrated, but by actually following the tutorial (*who would've thought...*) I was able to implement gtkw doc generation in my jtag test code11:03
octaviusI'll update that shift signal name too11:03
lkclnow all it will take is for me to actually write one too (doh)11:31
lkclhmmm, *thinks*...11:32
lkclhow about we add this as a feature in nmigen? and associated tree/node-walker which collates gtkw information?11:32
octavius"and associated tree/node-walker which collates gtkw information?" I understood was words, I think XD12:29
octaviusI'd like to make the "traces" list be generated automatically based on the nmigen signal names, and I had some ideas for how it could be done. Having a tree containing all the relevant info would probably make the job easier though12:31
octaviusBut I keep getting distracted, I'll focus on the pinmux for now12:31
lkclbasically, the idea is, each Module has a get_gtkw_css_info() function and if it is not present we don't care13:55
lkclthen a tree/node-walker of the entire set of Modules goes "oh, do you have a get_gtkw_css_info() function? if so let me just call that for you and add whatever-you-return to the gtwk-css 'thing' i am currently creating for you"14:00
lkclotherwise you have to drill down manually into the structure of your HDL modules, hunting for things that, in your *next* design are in completely different places14:03
cesarThere is a discussion in Amaranth for adding generic metadata to signals, so one could mark a signal as "please export me to gtkw". See: https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth/pull/62414:20
lkclahh i was looking for that.14:52
lkclan advancement on it is to auto-propagate those down a netlist14:52
lkclso that you can track an entire netlist rather than just a Signal14:53
octaviusThis is really cool actually19:00
lkcloleeee i have a *nmigen* peripheral fabric for microwatt and libre-soc, verilator simulation20:09
lkclit's the hello_world.bin20:09
programmerjakelkcl meeting22:06

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