Monday, 2022-04-11

markosI have just received the nexys_video Artix 7 fpga board, but no hyperram pmod yet08:35
lkclmarkos, fantastic. i think i'm going to have to get one as well09:55
ghostmansd[m]FYI, there's no need to bother regarding the mapping: we already have some stuff in binutils to get the operand type.12:11
ghostmansd[m]So I'll likely drop the mapping, and use binutils bits12:12
ghostmansd[m]Also the code which parses the operands should rely on operands from vanilla PPC opcode structure12:13
ghostmansd[m]Basically I'm going to rewrite most of the recent code with binutils. I'm not sure whether it'd be simple to unify operands parsing, though: I'd like to keep the vanilla code maximally intact for now.12:14
ghostmansd[m]We'll see, though. Still the code will be more straightforward, though no more 1:1 translation of Python.12:14
ghostmansd[m](I mean, they will do the same, but binutils will strive to re-use binutils bits)12:15
ghostmansd[m]Here I am, again talking to myself, lol12:16
lkclyes this is likely inevitable as you get familiar with binutils12:40
lkcland start finding bits of code in it that i had to write (effectively duplicating what is in binutils because it was necessary), basing things on that12:40
lkclit should all be there, i mean, they *have* to do exactly the same job13:32
lkclmarkos, i added your key (sorry took a while, normally i do them straight away)13:45
lkcllook very very carefully at the instructions on ssh
lkclclassic mistakes: ssh -p922 YOUR_OWN_USERNAME@libre-soc.org13:46
lkclonce you type the password (which will fail) fail2ban will pick that up in /var/log/auth.log and instantly ban your IP address :)13:47
lkclto give you some idea of how mad the port-scanning is, there are currently 220 IP addresses banned in real-time for trying to break in to the server in an automated fashion13:49
lkclit has to be: ssh -p922 gitolite3@git.libre-soc.org14:00
lkclmarkos, i ordered a nexys_video. it'll allow me to much more easily do the constraints file in nmigen.16:21
* lkcl getting there. currently able to load an ELF binary from QSPI Flash into memory16:36
lkcli've a "dump" showing that at least the first 64 words are correctly copied16:37
lkclbut i don't have enough confidence in the DRAM yet, so am going to set up an 0x8000 byte SRAM and copy into that16:38
lkclthe microwatt hello_world.elf is easily small enough to fit16:38
lkclhmmm elf-reading doesn't seem to be working well17:44
lkclalriiight, fixed it18:50
lkclmanaged to boot an executable from QSPI18:50

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