Tuesday, 2022-04-26

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tplatenWhen I run microwatt-verilator from ls2 with the hello world program, I don't get any uart output.18:49
tplaten(TOP.top.uart.uart16550_0) UART INFO: Data bus width is 8. No Debug interface.18:50
tplaten(TOP.top.uart.uart16550_0) UART INFO: Doesn't have baudrate output18:50
programmerjakehey cool, the xdc2022 call for proposals was sent to libre-soc.org too, didn't expect that since we're not part of x.org or freedesktop.org20:47
lkclyes i asked to be put on their list-of-lists-they-mail-out-to20:49
lkcland have been dealing with the resultant "this message is moderated for having too many recipients" for months, just waiting for that one :)20:49
programmerjakedemos...linux running on libre-soc on fpga?20:52
lkclsigh, if i could get it to work, yes20:53
lkcli'm either getting data corruption or there's problems in nextpnr-xilinx, i can't determine which20:53
lkcl(as in: something odd libre-soc is doing wrong)20:53
programmerjakewell...july 4 (deadline) is a ways away...we likely can fix the problems by then20:55
lkcloctavius, markos, lxo, jn, cesar, toshywoshy, half-awake sadoon[m], programmerjake meeting21:45
programmerjakemy build server, with the arty a7 100t in the christmas tin with the usb cable coming out: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XlYyBo92GPzYWptCUaw01wUGiY-7-I1x/view?usp=drivesdk23:46
programmerjakelkcl: ^23:48
programmerjakeit just occurred to me, if we work on getting coriolis2 added to phoronix's benchmarking software, maybe they'll run it for us -- they have a 5800x3d and did want to run more benchmarks on it23:57

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