Thursday, 2022-05-05

littlebobeeplkcl: is this you?
programmerjakeyes afaict05:17
programmerjakethe email matches: lkcl@lkcl.net05:18
lkcllittlebobeep, yep06:31
lkcltotal collective insanity. it's precisely and exactly the whole f*****g reason why i absolutely insisted that we be self-hosting.06:32
lkclgithub - microsoft - is placing themselves in the role of God.06:33
lkcland not the nice kind.  the kind that blackmails and guilts people into worshipping them.06:34
lkclohh but we'll get it riiiight.  you can trust us to get security and identity riiight.06:34
lkclwhat they don't tell you is that it's easier to apply sanctions.06:35
ghostmansd[m]All these organization like Meta, Google, M$ are actually dictators, kinda like government inside government.06:53
ghostmansd[m]So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause.06:53
ghostmansd[m]It's funny, though, that most felt it only now. I've been realizing it quite soon when I became self-aware, to me it's always been obvious.06:55
littlebobeepYeah I'm not a fan of github either, but how to decentralize VCS repos?07:19
littlebobeepI just found which claims to archive many repos, but the system seems highly obtuse, I could not find a way to check out entire repos easily07:20
littlebobeep(or at all really)07:20
littlebobeepThey just have annoying interface to download one snapshot at a time, when they should have entire repo history on their servers archived, they don't really expose a way to easily make a mirror to distribute the archive07:22
ghostmansd[m]Well, I don't say GH is not easy and simple07:32
ghostmansd[m]Or that it doesn't bring some benefits07:32
ghostmansd[m]It _is_ easy and _does_ bring benefits07:32
ghostmansd[m]That's why people go there07:33
ghostmansd[m]The simplest solution is not always the best one, though :-(07:33
ghostmansd[m]All this stuff is sold as part of democracy, but, in fact, it serves the dictatorship eventually07:34
lkclgit itself is touted as decentralised by design.  reality is it is decentralise*eable*.  you - the developer - have to *manually* push and pull to get the decentralisation11:38
lkclwhere things get *truly* decentralised is by having a truly decentralised peer-to-peer distribution system behind it. gittorrent was one of the first but quickly abandoned11:40
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cesarMy Orange Crab arrived today!23:34
programmerjakeooh, yay!23:47

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