Monday, 2022-05-16

lkcli love their code. "we don't have a Code. we're responsible people. get over it" :)10:43
programmerjakeimho they are a little too negative on wasm in their comparison -- for instance, they claim wasm is only supported on the internet --- that's just not true, wasm is specifically designed to run outside of web browsers too -- e.g. wamr runs on a Cortex-M7 microcontroller10:49
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programmerjakealso they claim wasm has undefined behavior, which, assuming they mean C-style UB is also false. a compiler targetting wasm might have UB but that's compiler-level UB, not wasm-level10:53
programmerjakewasm itself is specified such that the wasm vm will trap instead of causing UB (a trap is basically equivalent to a sigsegv except it's more controlled and the program embedding the wasm vm can recover from that)10:56
lkclkanzure, the spec's incomplete, if this is all there is
lkclhaving to examine source code in order to find the list of opcodes is not filling me with confidence
lkclmaking its evaluation challenging11:15
lkclhowever we have big-integer math, so 4096-bit add/mul/div is not a problem11:16
lkclthe mul/div is scalar-vector so a for-loop on top of that gives mul/div vector-vector (Knuth Algorithms D and M)11:16
lkclwith 128 64-bit registers, up to 512-bit big-int add can be done comfortably in regs (because it takes QTY 16of 64-bit regs to do a 512-bit add), anything more than that can be done either11:18
lkcl"uncomfortably", or by LD/ST (lots of register spill)11:18
programmerjake32x64-bit bigint add should be easily achievable in-registers...11:20
programmerjakebecause the dest can be one of the src vectors11:21
ghostmansd[m]> not filling me with confidence12:43
ghostmansd[m] well as the fact that it's written in Rust :-D12:43
ghostmansd[m]Just willing to attract programmerjake attention lol12:43
ghostmansd[m]Ok, just kidding, programmerjake, a friendly nitpicking :-)12:44
lkclwriting meaningful non-ambiguous and complete specifications is... frickin hard13:13

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