Wednesday, 2022-05-25

ghostmansd[m]binutils patches for opindex and isel got merged05:32
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lkclghostmansd, yeah i got the cc messages08:18
midgardian[m]lkcl what do you think of this comment:
midgardian[m]What do they mean by "chip layout software" is that like writing HDL for soft cores or is that the software used to take HDL and process it to make netlists/photomasks, I do not understand08:34
lkclmidgardian[m], coriolis2.08:35
lkcland it's not completely accurate. Mentor is owned by a German company, and coriolis2 and hitas/yagle are maintained by LIP6 Lab, part of Sorbonne University08:36
lkclit's *almost* true though. the problem is you need a three-way level of expertise, as Jean-Paul explains in one of his talks08:37
lkcl1) mixed python/c++08:37
lkcl2) algorithmics08:37
lkcl3) gates/signals/analog/digital/electronics08:38
lkclthe combination of those three extremely high-level knowledge/expertise areas is world-wide extremely rare08:38
midgardian[m]Huh what does Python and C++ have to do with it?08:43
midgardian[m]I never even heard of the projects you listed, shows how much I know hahaha08:44
midgardian[m]Where can I see Jean-Paul's talks?08:44
midgardian[m]are they public?08:44
midgardian[m]francais, tres bien08:52
midgardian[m]I understand 2) and 3) being important but would love clarity on 1)09:05
midgardian[m]lkcl you are so helpful with those links, merci!11:28
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ghostmansdlkcl, I've submitted the assignment form, using the letter I submitted many years ago for gnulib as a template12:10
ghostmansdI think if there must be more details than it was for gnulib, they'll let me know12:11
lkclmidgardian[m], no problem. if you're considering building / using it, there's some one-liner instructions here
lkclactually, two.  first one: set up a chroot. second one: download-everything-and-build-it-in-the-chroot12:52
lkclghostmansd[m], ah brilliant. i did wonder12:56
ghostmansd[m]lkcl, yeah, I hope they'll be back soon13:29
midgardian[m]Why chroot??20:25
lkclhave you ever tried constructing dohkhhaaah containers?20:41
lkcli wasn't impressed with the hype when i heard about them: first and only time i tried was enough to tell me everything i needed to know20:42
lkclit's not chroot, it's schroot20:42
lkclwhich is much more sane, less "manual", and a hell of a lot less insane than dohkhhaah20:44
midgardian[m]hahahaha "dohkhhhaaaahh"??20:56
midgardian[m]Docker?? :P20:57
lkclyeh :)23:15
lkclwhat really pissed me off was an upgrade to dohkkaaah adding a new command without also adding version information23:16
lkcland *removing* an "older" command in a later one23:16
lkcli installed version 15 or something, but the package scripts were for version 13 or 12 *only*23:17
lkclhad to investigate that, fix the problem, and then i had to downgrade to a different version of the service i was installing and had start all over a-f****g-gain23:18

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