Tuesday, 2022-05-31

programmerjake> combined with this https://developers.slashdot.org/story/22/05/21/0520207/how-a-rust-supply-chain-attack-infected-cloud-ci-pipelines-with-go-malware06:25
programmerjakelkcl: that's only where someone was typo-squatting ... it happens anywhere there's a big enough namespace the public can add to...npm, pypi, crates.io, github, dns, etc. imho that isn't a good reason to reject Rust. all you need is to actually check which name you use...just like any other non-curated place you get software from. (i count debian as curated because not just anyone can push a new package to debian's apt servers)06:31
octaviusMeeting in 12 min21:49
openpowerbot[mattermost] <lkcl> octavius: thx21:49

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