Friday, 2022-06-10

programmerjakeif by this you mean sifive, idk for sure but i think they have some open-source stuff you can use to construct your custom chip, the rest is proprietary, so imho it's a misnomer to call it open.00:03
programmerjakeperhaps open in the sense that the isa spec is "open"?00:04
tinybronca[m]<programmerjake> "if by this you mean sifive..." <- Okay I did not know there was any libre stuff from SiFive do they have code uploaded somewhere?00:08
programmerjakeiirc that is more of "build a chip and you can add all these curated 3rd-party things" and some of the 3rd-party things are open...00:39
programmerjakei'd guess they'll let you build a chip with a rocket core:
tinybronca[m]Hmmm ok i read you use noble gases for a laser in an EUV machine?  Is there some book that describes how this works haha05:27
tinybronca[m]I found something good written by an IBM Research employee but I do not remember the name or year, just a hardcover solid blue book05:27
tinybronca[m]And ASML machines need lenses from Zeiss??05:30
lkclthere is rocket-chip05:38
lkcland boom05:38
Veera[m]lkcl: whether we use regular old ld or gold linker for lsoc?05:51
lkclVeera[m], not a choice that can be made as "fixed". both have problems05:56
Veera[m]lkcl: so only ld05:58
lkclVeera[m], there will never be a choice to use exclusively one of those.05:58
lkclno, that decision to only exclusively use one cannot and must not be made.05:59
lkcl*BOTH* are faulty and have serious bugs05:59
tinybronca[m]tinybronca[m]: This is written by  陈文玲中国国际经济交流中心研究员、中心总经济师、执行局副主任 which means Chen Wenling Researcher, Chief Economist, and Deputy Director of the Executive Bureau of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges05:59
Veera[m]lkcl: so while building binutils I shall pass --enable-ld=yes and --enable-gold-yes05:59
lkclyes, build both, install both.06:00
Veera[m]--enable-ld=yes and --enable-gold=yes06:00
Veera[m]i will build both06:00
lkclthat's really important.06:00
Veera[m]ok. thanks06:00
Veera[m]lkcl: Shall I use /usrl/local/binutils-gdb as installation prefix/directory or you suggest somewhere else06:03
Veera[m]lkcl: And what about link-time-optimization --enable-lto?06:15
tinybronca[m]Is this article a lie, is "PUV" really a thing, it says April First at bottom06:21
lkclVeera[m], there's no need to go through all the options, just keep it simple06:24
lkcluse as many defaults as possible06:25
lkclif that turns out to be a problem it can be fixed later06:25
lkclghostmansd just used "./configure --target=powerpc64le-linux-gnu" and that was all06:26
Veera[m]oh. some needed thing can be explicitly set. I will run and build. And ghostmansd wants changes I will make changes, amendments. Thanks.06:32
programmerjakeyeah, that article appears to be false, just look further down: A new mined source of Unobtainium is from Pandora but will take time to develop, and may require help from Elon Musk as well, for transport.06:33
programmerjakerealistically, if you needed xrays for lithography, a good source that can be very bright and monochromatic is a free-electron laser06:36
tinybronca[m]<programmerjake> "yeah, that article appears to be..." <- Yeah well I did not believe that part...... I am just not educated enough to know if the part about PUV is false06:40
programmerjakethat article is false, but somewhat plausible. PUV isn't an actual term afaict, but using shorter wavelengths is something worth trying. the main issues are shorter wavelengths cause higher energy photoelectrons to be produced when they hit the wafer, those higher energy electrons move farther exposing a larger area of the wafer, which makes it harder to achieve really tiny features06:44
programmerjakepossible solutions are to instead use something like electrons or protons rather than light, since because they are waay more massive, they have a much shorter wavelength so can in theory produce much smaller features without needing the high energy that causes problems with xrays.06:47
programmerjakealso electrons/protons are charged, making it much harder to focus when you're trying to get high intensity06:48
programmerjakehopefully that helped, at least some :)06:51
tinybronca[m]programmerjake: Thank you for your thoughts!06:52
octaviushas the rfp nlnet email changed since feb? I got an Undelivered Email issue after submitting the RFP07:39
lkcloctavius, sent a message 2 days ago, it was delivered.09:53
ghostmansd[m]Veera[m], I actually didn't need to use either ld or gold in my recent works. I've been mostly dealing with as, so some parts might have been left outside of my vision.12:52
ghostmansd[m]That said, please install both. ld is a canonical one; gold enables stuff like LTO.12:52
Veera[m]Awh, git clone of is taking too much time in Talos machine15:11
Veera[m]Is limited in bandwidth and data limit. Is it auto limiting connection!!!15:13
Veera[m]<ghostmansd[m]> "Veera, I actually didn't need to..." <- I have made the script and testing for automated install.15:14
Veera[m]I have enabled both ld.bfd and with ld.bfd as default.15:15
Veera[m]Ran newly compiled "powerpc64le-linux-gnu-as --help | less": it shows -mlibresoc as PowerPC options.15:17
Veera[m]<Veera[m]> "Awh, git clone of https://git...." <- err. somehow my inet connection stalled, and I thought git clone is not proceeding. The automated script finished with success!15:30
lkcli wonder if that is down to transparent / broken HTTP proxies in the way16:14
lkcloh wait no, git has nothing to do with apt16:16
lkclhttps is... not exactly very good in git.16:16
lkclone thought16:22
lkclgit clone --depth 1 --no-single-branch
ghostmansdah, I shoulda looked here before writing the comments17:02
ghostmansdVeera[m], I've posted some comments and questions at 84717:02
lkclgit clone just worked successfully on talos118:36
lkclbut perhaps because i cheated somewhat and upgraded to git version 2.35.118:36
ghostmansd[m]It indeed hangs for a while on talos118:42

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