Monday, 2022-06-20

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ghostmansdAnyone with experience of working with FSF and copyright assignment? I've submitted the copyright assignment in May 25, and still no reply. I did work with FSF in 2012, but I don't recall I had to wait that long.07:05
ghostmansdPer Alan's recommendation, I asked on fsf-records, they also keep silence. Any other options you're aware of?07:06
ghostmansdBecause, frankly, I'm not sure what to do next in this regard.07:06
programmerjakelxo would probably know, iirc he's part of FSFLA07:08
lkclghostmansd, i've been emailing / talking with copyright-clerk@fsf.org10:18
lkclprogrammerjake, i reviewed the 3 RFPs, all good. saw you put one of them in already which is great10:25
lkclnggggh i have to re-submit one a *third time* to bring the amount back to EUR 50,00010:25
programmerjakei put in all 310:26
programmerjakewell, now we can finally have an error free output of budget-sync! (except for the new tasks toshaan made -- new errors because they're missing a nlnet milestone and one is missing amount excluding subtasks)10:29
lkclwell, except #48 is overallocated and nothing can be done about that10:30
lkclcan you update the submitted dates? python3 ./src/budget_sync/ see README.txt if you feel inclined to risk it :)10:31
programmerjakeoh, yeah, i forgot10:34
ghostmansd[m]Thanks Luke, this was a nice summary here.13:05
ghostmansd[m]Basically all I wanted to say but shorter.13:06
octaviuslkcl, have you added the image?16:11
octaviusThanks luke16:12
lkcloctavius, yep. and also cleaned up the bibliography, added URLs16:26
lkcland a linebreak in each because they looked rubbish otherwise16:26
octaviusI guess acronyms don't need to be defined?16:26
octaviusOr would it be useful?16:26
lkclfor the top? yeah maybe16:27
lkcladded SVP6416:28
lkcland DCT/FFT16:29
octaviusYeah, I did that, but then git reset --hard XD16:29
octaviusI'll add them back in16:29
lkcland avx and vsx and vsx16:31
lkclok i'm done, need to get up walk about16:32
octaviuslkcl, one of the last points you mentioned that for MP3, gcc produces 450 instr. Which architecture is this?17:01
lkcloctavius, scalar Power ISA17:31
lkclfrom a straight gcc compile17:32
lkclapply_window_float function from ffmpeg17:33
lkcloctavius, urrr you actually have to use the acronym to get it listed, sigh17:41
octaviusYeah, that's why I sometimes define it later17:42
octaviusit seems to make more sense to leave it as Power ISA on the second page for example17:42
octaviusalso I'm currently working on the doc17:42
lkcldo commit regularly17:46
lkcllike, immediately17:46
lkcl(and push)17:46
* lkcl afk again17:47
octaviusI thought that the draft was done, so I was looking at the formating and cleaning up. I'll add my changes in17:52
octaviusShall I remove all references as well?17:57
octaviusor comment them out for now17:57
lkclrefs are really useful18:22
octaviusYes, but remember what we discussed. Would they be more unnecessary information?18:52
octavius* going afk18:52

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