Friday, 2022-07-29

programmerjakeoh, x86 also has a matrix extension: AMX00:04
programmerjakethat needs to be added to the isa comparison table00:05
lkclngggh ok :)02:34
lkclit's a highly-specialist "tiling" unit.02:37
lkclthe more this table is filled out the more i am having a "surreal" moment that the entire world's mainstream ISA community, led primarily by ARM and Intel, is engaging in some sort of mass-insanity02:41
programmerjakeyou might be interested to know that the Rust Foundation is planning a full rewrite of their trademark policy, to happen around Q3:
lkclabout fucking time04:26
lkcli've had to have some extremely distressing conversations with a lot of people04:26
lkcltheir Trademark policy basically is about the biggest fuck-up of any Trademark License in FOSS history04:28
lkclworse than even that which caused debian to create iceweasel04:29
lkcldiscussions are underway within the GNU Project to begin the process of removing the words "rust" and "cargo" from distributions04:30
programmerjakethey are taking public input -- hopefully they fix their policy satisfactorily04:44
programmerjakelkcl, imho we should use markdown footnotes for the isa comparison table, rather than the DIY approach you've taken...they're supported by both the pdf conversion and by ikiwiki05:26
programmerjakethey allow you to use names when writing markdown, and they auto-number all the footnotes, so you won't have to manually update all the numbers05:27
programmerjakesee the Footnotes section in
markoslkcl, I knew many of those restrictions, sadly there are more05:30
markosI find myself disliking SVE2 more and more05:30
programmerjakeI changed the comparison table to use footnotes and changed to make the tex work with multiple references to the same footnote. I managed to cram it all on one page by reducing the font size of the footnotes somewhat...10:30
lkclyeah the table is massive, i have an xterm open at 300x65 and it's not fitting any more12:11
programmerjakeimho it should be split into 2 tables --- isa and half the columns in 1 table, isa and the other columns in the other12:13
lkclwe were specifically asked to give only 2 pages.  one of those is the executive summary, the other is the comparison table.12:16
programmerjakeah, ok. though you can always have 2 tables on 1 page...12:18
programmerjakealso imho the footnotes are waay to verbose...2/3 page of footnotes, 1/3 page table12:19
programmerjakethe 128-bit column can be dropped, it's inaccurate anyway, since most simd isas don't really support vectors of 128-bit elements, there may be a few instructions operating on 128-bit elements but it's mostly just a 128-bit vector with only <= 64-bit elements12:22
programmerjakeppc and rvv are the only ones i'm aware of with full 128-bit element support12:24
programmerjakeiirc arm and x86 don't even have a u128xN add instruction12:25
markosthe only thing I'm aware of for arm is expand-to-128-bit, but that doesn't really count as 128-bit support12:26
programmerjakesimilarly x86 has some 128-bit shifts iirc12:26
programmerjakebut no add, sub, mul, compare, etc12:27
lkclok got it got it down to under 250 characters.  was looking for a way to do "proper" footnotes, thank you for finding it.12:34
lkclurrr really, no 128-bit? dang12:34
lkclthat's actually good12:34
lkclnicely done with the footnote-munging12:41
programmerjakeall the columns where svp64 is yes and everything else is no can be merged -- name the column additional features or something, leaving the full list to the footnote12:41
programmerjakeyeah, texmunge took like 6hr to get working, turns out tex footnotes are kinda fragile and i'm not that familiar with them12:42
lkclpandoc filters are pretty damn obtuse, and latex is as well12:48
lkclwhyy are we doing so many obtuse things all at once? :)12:48
programmerjakewell, just be glad we don't have to write a ttf parser/renderer too...bezier curves anyone?12:49
* lkcl starts shaking at the thought12:49
lkclthe story behind tex is pretty hilarious.12:50
programmerjakethough i have researched font rendering quite a bit...12:50
programmerjakestill trying to figure out text shaping -- harfbuzz12:51
programmerjakenearly 5am here -- gn12:53
lkclnight. thanks for your help12:55
programmerjakedo note adding more footnotes or rows will likely force it to take 2 pages in the pdf, it barely fit on 1 when I tried;a=commit;h=13c7963d8ee00b4b448add28d4d9fee9924c63ff13:07
lkcli made space by ensuring that some of the table entries fitted onto 2 lines instead of 3 or 1 instead of 2.15:14

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