Sunday, 2022-08-07

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tplatenNow I'll have deeper look at simsoctb.v, as there is an error in this file17:55
tplatenI't seems to pass if I comment out the offending line18:08
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lkcl-Veera[m], hi, let me have a think22:07
lkcl-ghostmansd, no, agreed, they don't need to know/care, PowerDecoder normalises them.22:08
lkcl-the list-of-patterns-to-recognise is a good idea22:08
lkcl-only thing being, the conversion of ---010101--- to integer is wrong.  it needs to be (mask, value)22:09
lkcl-interestingly, if there are patterns --NNNNN-----NN-NNN-- they can be converted to *lists* of (start,end,value)22:10
lkcl-by recognising where the non-"-" parts start and end22:10
lkcl-but just dropping "0"s on the floor, that's definitely wrong22:10
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