Saturday, 2022-08-27

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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, I recall you mentioned we could dedicate some grant from cavatools. Since these recent works relate to each and every subsystem which deals with instructions — pysvp64asm, pysvp64dis, potentially nmigen-related chunks, and sv_binutils, — it'd be really great.07:29
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lkclghostmansd[m], yes absolutely. basically (deep breath) the plan is to do a nmigen-to-c compiler and a pseudocode-to-c compiler then cobble things together10:29
ghostmansd[m]Wow, sounds like a big project.10:30
lkclnot really.  the first nmigen-to-c experiment took about... 3 weeks i think? it's already faster than the standard nmigen-python simulator and that's with the main loop still in nmigen using cffi10:34
lkcland i'd expect the pseudocode-to-c compiler to be... mmm... a month? first version in under a week, stabilised in 310:35
lkclnmigen uses an absolutely tiny subset "programming" language.10:36
lkclthat's all there is to it. so it was remarkably easy/quick to create a compiler.10:37
lkcland the pseudocode is remarkably similar to python, so much so that i only needed to take dabeaz's python-ply example, fix the lexer errors, and convert its lexer symbols.10:38
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ghostmansd[m]lkcl, got it12:26
ghostmansd[m]What'd be the right task and the right amount for the work already done? I'm still checking a case with pysvp64asm, but once it's handled I'd like to connect the completed works to some tasks or subtasks.12:29
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lkclghostmansd[m], i'm going to need to stop doing everything else and look at that for about 2 clear days.14:49
lkcl4-5 if i have to do the cavatools MoU14:50
lkclbecause the cavatools grant *has* been approved, any work done that gets allocated to tasks *will* be payable.14:51
ghostmansd[m]Perfect, thank you! Meanwhile I'll continue working on extending this.14:54
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