Thursday, 2022-09-29

programmerjakelkcl: when you commit code, please run tests! your fail-first changes broke a bunch of tests:;a=commitdiff;h=115e0f5c9f28a8f22f168891577284d19a6ea8cf00:42
programmerjakeE       UnboundLocalError: local variable 'srcstep' referenced before assignment00:43
programmerjakesrc/openpower/decoder/isa/ UnboundLocalError00:43
programmerjakeI'm reverting for now so I can make progress00:43
lkclplease don't do that00:44
lkcli'm in the middle of some complex modifications00:44
programmerjakewell, can you have it fixed very shortly?00:44
lkclif you revert it i will lock you out and do a force-master-push00:44
lkclgive me a second00:44
programmerjakein the future if you have complex modifications that don't work till they're complete, please use a separate branch to avoid blocking everyone else00:45
lkcli'm trying to concentrate00:45
lkclfricking frick00:46
programmerjakeI'm rebasing my work onto 0a43abe68960962f419b68d0357ad4b4274a9b74 meanwhile, i'll push to a different branch till you have it fixed00:48
lkclmeeting in under 7 hours damnit00:51
programmerjakeI'm fleshing out dsld and dsrd and adding some tests for all the bigint ops00:52
lkclthat's valuable. good idea.00:54
lkclok done. can't stay up any longer00:55
programmerjakethx, i'll rebase back to master if that fixes it00:56
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Veeralkcl: can you check the bug #907, I have uploaded the svg image of load store!09:02
lkclVeera, brilliant09:28
Veeralkcl: can you check the bug #907, I have uploaded the svg image of load store!/09:29
Veeralkcl, is it OK. Can the bug be closed. Can some budget be availed for it!09:29
Veeraoops for previous line!!!09:30
lkcllooks really good09:31
lkclyes i need to find something somewhere09:31
lkclcan you drop it in place of this one?
VeeraMy laptop failed. So i cannot do git push. I worked and uploaded the img from colleague Windows machine. Sorry can ya upload it!09:38
lkclargh :) ok09:43
lkclahh much better :)
Veeralooks good!  yep09:49
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Veeralkcl: is the cut of date for old nlnet budget projects Oct 7?11:07
lkclapproximately, yes.  however it *might* be a week later if we are lucky11:15
lkclbut i will make sure you get EUR ok?11:15
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Veeraok. Can you send the draft RFP model you have from my previous submission which you sent through secret url?11:32
lkclVeera, i'm in the middle of something and also i have to find a bug to attach to11:33
Veeraalso for temporary I am using new email address, and not @vkten_in11:33
lkclyes i saw. i updated budget-sync11:33
Veeraeh. will wait11:33
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lkclVeera, please go ahead and put in an RFP on this one for EUR 400
lkcli have PM'd you the "secret URL", obviously please do not put it here into the public chat12:53
lkclprogrammerjake, dsld and dsrd are awesome.;a=blob;f=src/openpower/decoder/isa/;hb=HEAD12:53
lkcli need to do a sv.maddlblahblah as well12:54
Veeralkcl: bug was #907 for SVG image and not #550. Also mail to my gmail account and not account(For now I cannot access it). I did not recvd the mail!13:01
lkclyes. i cannot allocate money to #907.13:04
lkcli am giving you #550 instead13:04
lkcli have not emailed you13:04
lkcli know you changed your email address in bugzilla because i had to fix budget-sync13:04
lkclcheck *IRC* PM for the secret URL13:05
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Veeralkcl: went to secret url and then clicked ¨New Request¨. It listed tasks #577, but my task 550,907 was not there. The page says contact nlnet to list my task: what shall I try or do? The process is new for me!13:19
lkclVeera, 1 sec13:19
lkclyou're right, weirdly it's been removed.13:21
lkcllet me move things13:21
lkclVeera, use #577 instead
lkclplease make absolutely certain to put in the notes about "sending to India"13:25
VeeraOk. I will add  "sending to India" Steps is 1st send mail to nlnet to add my 557,907 work to list 2nd) then send rfp. Do I have to update Bug #907 with parent child budget info?13:37
lkclRFP is no longer by email. only through the secret URL.13:38
lkcltherefore MAKE SURE in the "Remarks" to put the "Sending to India" clause that we USED to put in emailed RFPs.13:39
lkcli will get an approval notification so i will check it is ok13:39
lkcli do *NOT* receive your bank details or address in that approval13:39
Veeraok. i will try. see if succeed.13:41
VeeraBut only one thing is how nlnet is going to identify the work I did: 557 does not lists any.13:44
Veeraonly budget 400 to veera13:44
lkclput a description in english linking to bug #907 in "Results"13:46
Veerayea. thanks13:48
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lkclVeera, let me know when you've done "submit"14:29
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Veeralkcl: I clicked check button but the page says15:03
Veera400 Bad Request.15:03
VeeraThe RfP does not request any money.15:03
lkclyou have to put in the amount in the box15:04
lkcl577 gcc compiler, binutils and assembly macros for OpenPOWER-SV15:04
lkclMilestone: wrapup                    >>>>>> 400 <<<<<15:04
VeeraOk. Was thinking like that. Sure I try with Milestone: wrapup15:05
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Veeralkcl: submitted RFP15:19
lkclack got it will review15:31
lkclgreat, confirmed15:32
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Veerathanks Luke15:56
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tplatenToday I compare the c code of gram with that of litedram16:50
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tplatenIn microwatt there is no c source code if sdram_init, only the generated binary17:56
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