Sunday, 2022-10-02

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markoslkcl, I think dav1d is more complicated than I thought, even the testing infrastructure, I don't think I can finish the port until the 7th12:17
markosI'm considering just finishing the mp3 ones12:18
lkclmarkos, fun. can you extract one test as stand-alone, similar style to mp3?12:18
markosI'll give it a last shot12:18
markosI've tried to do that, and it pulls a ton of includes every time12:19
lkcllauri did that by extracting the function as-is then... urrr12:19
markosand then it runs a specific function to initialize the environment12:19
markosyeah, I might do that and skip their own test suite12:19
markosit was much simpler with libvpx12:20
lkclbtw you saw my notes about sv.bc and using CTR?12:21
lkcli put it into the assembler as comments12:21
markosyes, that one I'll have to do after I'm done with av1/mp312:22
markosas the task is done and not really time pressing for the deadline, we can revisit this later when we are not so time pressed12:23
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