Monday, 2022-10-17

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ghostmansdmarkos, did you have time to check min/max?17:07
ghostmansdI checked binutils test I wrote for these, it matches what we have in pysvp64asm.17:15
markosghostmansd, hi, sorry was busy today, yes I did test it and yes they work just fine :)18:00
markoswell, sv.max works at least that I checked, but actually let's check sv.min also18:00
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markosghostmansd, ok max definitely works, I'm not getting correct results from sv.min though18:50
markossv.mins to be exact18:51
ghostmansd[m]This should be checked on algorithm side. Disassembly matches, so likely the logic is wrong (or our assumptions).19:03
programmerjakemins pseudocode looks correct...19:20
ghostmansdmarkos, could you, please, re-check that the instruction produced is indeed sv.min in logs?19:49
ghostmansdI mean logs upon assembly19:50
ghostmansdOr, simpler, could you, please, send me the instruction you're going to assemble?19:50
ghostmansdWith operands expanded from macros preferably.19:50
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markosoh wait, nevermind, min register was set to zero, so obviously it wouldn't change value :D20:23
markosyeah works fine :)20:23
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ghostmansd[m]Cool! Cool cool cool.21:28
ghostmansd[m]Meanwhile I supported avgadd and cprop instructions.21:28
ghostmansd[m]I hope to complete av.mdwn in a couple of days.21:29
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