Monday, 2022-10-31

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ghostmansd[m]Just returned to shadd and shadduw. Do we have some options to debug code in mdwn?17:34
ghostmansd[m]Ok, apparently I can edit the generated py files. Good enough for me.17:46
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octaviusI'll make the ls004 draft18:08
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ghostmansdlkcl, somehow this code...19:18
ghostmansdRT <- (n[m:XLEN-1] || [0]*m) + (RA)19:18
ghostmansd...which is converted to this code...19:19
ghostmansdRT = concat(n[m:self.XLEN - 1 + 1], concat(0, repeat=m)) + RA19:19
ghostmansdgets `0` after concat(0, repeat=m). Not SelectableInt(value=0, bits=1).19:20
ghostmansdAh I see, we fail to meet this: `if repeat != 1 and len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], int):`19:22
ghostmansdlet me check19:23
programmerjakeimho that pseudocode should be rewritten to not use variable-sized types to implement shifting, but instead use switch or ROTL64/MASK. it will be a major problem if/when we try to compile pseudocode to a statically typed language such as c19:24
programmerjakeXLEN stuff can be handled just like templates in c++, so isn't really a problem19:25
ghostmansdIndeed, this condition is not met19:27
ghostmansdXLEN is not the issue19:28
ghostmansdRepeat is 1, since we have ([0] * 1)19:28
ghostmansdAfter m value is read, it's 1 there19:28
ghostmansdFuck, I literally spent 3 hours debugging this19:32
programmerjake^ my experience debugging pseudocode too...hence why i want to rewrite the parser/translator to actually do type-checking/error-checking as part of getting a new c backend to go along with a python backend -- if it produces output at all, the output should not fail with random type errors like this19:39
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programmerjakelkcl, i'll respond to later19:55
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