Sunday, 2022-11-06

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lkclyep i did, sorry about that16:18
lkcli'm back but it'll take me a while to get up to speed16:18
ghostmansd[m]Sure, no rush16:32
ghostmansd[m]I just started bringing some order into the tasks16:32
ghostmansd[m]Some need MoU, some are deferred, some are done but forgotten, probably there are more combos :-)16:33
ghostmansd[m]BTW check insndb branch when you have time; I did a lot for assembly, I think you'll like it16:34
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lkclahh magic16:35
lkclah - have you tried :)16:38
ghostmansd[m]Not yet :-)16:43
ghostmansd[m]Note, however, that we for now support only word instructions16:44
ghostmansd[m]So our asm will pretty likely be broken in horrendous ways16:44
ghostmansd[m]s/asm/disasm tests/16:44
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markoslkcl, do we have a meeting this Wednesday? what is the plan from now on wrt tasks?17:08
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lkclnext wednesday.18:08
lkclwednesday one is every 2 weeks. this wednesday (2nd?) was cancelled18:09
lkclnext one is the... err.. 17th18:09
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